Influencer Spotlights

LaBrandon Dates

LaBrandon Dates is a marketing professional and microblogger who shares his love of travel, style, faith, and personal growth.

Life of a Minister Mom

Patricia loves the brands she’s been able to have a working relationship with and considers it a blessing to write and share about products and services her family loves.

Lily The Wandering Gypsy

Katherine loves being a Linqia influencer because she can work for herself, from her home studio, in her own kitchen, and even while traveling.

Living the Gourmet

Living the Gourmet creates high-quality sponsored content that her audience loves to read and engage with.


Tommy loves being a Linqia influencer because the platform is entirely results-driven.

Nap-Time Creations

Emily loves Linqia because its programs allow her to be creative without coming off as too ad-like.

Olive & Ivy

Olive and Ivy shares 350+ pieces of sponsored content across a variety of social channels.

Plating Pixels

Matthew loves the creative freedom he gets with Linqia and appreciates that Linqia trusts its influencers to create quality content based on the campaign specifics.

Posh Journal

Rika’s favorite things about being a Linqia influencer are getting matched to relevant programs, owning the ability to be authentic, and the embracing the push to be more creative.

Ramblings From Utopia

Kate loves being a Linqia influencer because of the great brands and wonderful community of influencers.