Journey to Becoming an Influencer

Patricia Taylor, owner and creator of Life of a Minister Mom, is a whiz at documenting her life as the mother of two beautiful little girls. Life of a Minister Mom features honest and entertaining stories about motherhood (the products they love, activities they enjoy doing) and inspirational, faith-based content. Patricia began blogging five years ago as an extension of the women’s ministry of the church she was attending. Though she had no previous blog experience, she knew she was passionate about writing and harbored a desire to connect with other individuals through her writing.

Life of a Minister Mom is truly a glimpse into Patricia’s everyday experiences, from fun-filled adventure days to the more difficult realities of being a parent. Some posts are light-hearted, others are deep and reflective. Life of a Minister Mom is a place to go for stories and experiences that are encouraging, honest, transparent and real.

“I love the brands I’ve been able to have a working relationship with! I consider it a blessing to write and share about products and services we love, while also helping to support my family.”

How Has Linqia Helped

Patricia  first heard about Linqia from her fellow influencers. Because she had never worked with a network before, being part of a reputable brand was of great interest to her. Her favorite thing about being a Linqia influencer has been the opportunity to develop a working relationship with brands she loves. She appreciates that Linqia provides great opportunities for her to write and share about products and services her family loves, while also helping her support her family. She is also constantly inspired by the content shared by so many talented creators.

Patricia loves being an influencer because she can use her voice to inspire others, even if it’s in the smallest way. Her advice to those who are interested in joining the Linqia community is to just go for it! Although she was nervous at first and felt like a fish out of water on her first program, Linqia’s supportive team is on her side. She encourages others to ask questions, email their community managers, and create quality content that is true to you!

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