What we do

Linqia leverages science and storytelling to help brands activate influencer programs
at scale

We’ve honed the most efficient and creative influencer methodology in the industry. You don’t just get great results, you get a campaign to remember.

Our investment in Linqia has been exceptional because of the ideas they give us, the content, the impressions and awareness we gain—all authenticity, all the time.

Breanna Burke, Social Media Manager, Jersey Mike’s


Our flagship platform, Resonate, uncovers the perfect creators, streamlines your campaigns, collates data, and manages your creative assets in a single place

Data-driven discovery

Resonate uses predictive technology to identify the best possible influencers for your campaign and showcases relevant data so you can choose your favorites

Consolidated campaign resources

Upload and edit campaign briefs, review assets before they go live, and download your influencer content from a single dashboard

Easy to manage metrics

Review real-time campaign results along with end-of-campaign insights for both quantitative and qualitative program performance


Our comprehensive approach ensures every campaign delivers maximum business impact


We begin with your business objectives and develop a north star that informs the strategy behind all campaign elements

Persona development

We map each customer segment to specific creator personas using 1.5B data points to ensure the best possible fit

Content & narrative mapping

Leveraging deep content insights, we develop a content and narrative mapping for each creator persona

Creator Management

Creators are at the heart and soul of everything we do. We handle all aspects of creator management so you don’t have to.

Creator selection

We find the perfect match for your message. No sellouts, just great stories.

Program opt-in & contracting

We handle the negotiation, T&Cs, and all the back and forth to get your preferred creators on the campaign

Content creation & distribution

We’ve been around long enough to know what works and why. We work with creators to deliver content that sings, and we make sure it is posted at the right time, on the right channel, and with 100% brand safety.


Our content optimization and qualification process
ensures low-risk, high-reward content for your campaign

Test, don’t guess

Our rigorous testing process qualifies and ranks content with zero bias to ensure we promote the best assets

Amplify only awesome ads

Ads with the highest results are amplified through paid media channels so you hit more targets with fewer arrows

Put your spend where it’s seen

Our methodology identifies the ideal channels, formats, and timing to get as many eyeballs on your ads as possible

business results

We apply learnings from 1000s of campaigns to consistently
outperform benchmarks across all of your initiatives

Real-time reporting

Our platform, Resonate, provides real-time analytics and insights across both organic and paid for full transparency and performance alignment

Closed-loop measurement

We have the largest suite of 3rd party measurement tools to measure everything from top-of-funnel brand lift to lower-funnel conversion effectively

Ongoing optimization

Leveraging real-time performance data, we work throughout each campaign to optimize results and over-deliver