Journey to Becoming an Influencer

Emily Thompson, owner and creator of Nap-Time Creations, began blogging in 2010 when she was pregnant with her second son. Her site started as a small hobby blog documenting her DIY crafts and activities. Over time Emily began expanding her content to include recipes and sewing tutorials, which are the main focus of Nap-Time Creations today. The name of her blog is self-explanatory – she had a newborn and a 2-year-old when she first started so the only time she was able to craft and blog was during naptime.

Emily loves being able help other moms and families by sharing information about the brands, products, and meals that her family has grown to love. She also loves showing her creative side by blogging projects that add a fun twist to something that might be commonplace. Emily uses free sewing patterns in her tutorials so you can count on a unique spin to her projects.  

“I love Linqia because its programs allow me to be creative without coming off as too ad-like. I can seamlessly incorporate the product or brand into an authentic post.”

How Has Linqia Helped

Emily joined Linqia after hearing about the opportunity from a fellow blogger. Her favorite thing about Linqia is the flexibility of the programs. She likes that the program requirements aren’t too stringent as it allows her to be creative, while remaining authentic, in her sponsored posts.

Since joining Linqia in 2014, Emily has participated in 24 programs and her content has inspired nearly 13,500 visits to brands’ landing pages to learn more about their products and services. Emily appreciates that she doesn’t have to add verbatim text to her post, allowing her to seamlessly incorporate the brand or product into her content without seeming too ad-like. She advises those interested in becoming Linqia influencers to have fun and be creative while still making sure a sponsored post seems like any other post on their blog.

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