Catherine Cappiello Pappas is a recipe developer and founder of Living the Gourmet, a gourmet food blog featuring wine reviews and chef interviews alongside dazzlingly-photographed recipes. Encouraged by her children, Pappas began the blog to preserve her original recipes for future generations. Since its founding in October 2008, Living the Gourmet attracted a growing and engaged audience of foodies who share Pappas’ belief that great cuisine is a central part of life. Pappas found Linqia through long-time blogger friends and warmed to Linqia’s welcoming and “work-friendly” community. She felt that driving results for influencer program sponsors was important, because without tangible results, the influencer might not get additional work from the sponsor. Linqia’s choice to reward results more than any other network added an extra layer of motivation for Pappas to join, and when she discovered Linqia’s option to grow her earnings by over-performing on program goals, she was excited to become a Linqia influencer.

“Driving results for brands overlaps directly with what serves our readers the best, because both our readers and our sponsors are looking for great content, so it really becomes a win for everyone involved.”


Since joining Linqia, Pappas has partnered with great brands that she genuinely likes and is rewarded for producing fantastic content that her readers enjoy enough to interact with. She has participated in over 11 Linqia programs, driving 15,000+ audience members to brand landing pages. She is a metrics oriented content creator, so being able to tie her earnings to results and track them in the Linqia platform is a huge plus. Being compensated for her talent and high-quality content makes Pappas want to return to Linqia programs time and time again. Also, the support she receives from Linqia Influencer Success Managers provides her with a team-like experience that feels welcoming instead of daunting.

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