Journey to Becoming an Influencer

Katherine Accettura, owner and creator of Lily The Wandering Gypsy, is an all-star influencer with over a million Pinterest followers. Her profile has even been recognized in outlets like Huffington Post, InStyle, Hello Society, and Daily Tekk!

Katherine first started blogging in 2008 as a way to share her hand-sewn creations and favorite internet finds – a hobby that naturally developed into a love of Pinterest. Katherine eventually started Lily The Wandering Gypsy to share her brand-sponsored content and photography portfolio in one place. Today her blog specializes in recipes, event styling, DIY projects, entertainment tips, and travel ideas. Lily The Wandering Gypsy’s name is inspired by her late dog, Lily.

Katherine’s blog and Pinterest both focus on cohesive, quality content. Katherine offers well-lit, beautiful images, along with plenty of DIY and styling ideas that impress both readers and brands.

“As a Linqia influencer, I reflect on how thankful I am at least once a day because I am able to work for myself, from my home studio, in my own kitchen, and even while traveling.”

How Has Linqia Helped

Katherine immediately signed up for Linqia after seeing a disclosure image at the top of a blog post she was reading. She loves that being an influencer allows her to work for herself, from her kitchen, and even while traveling. She also loves working with her boyfriend, who brings his photography, lighting, and editing skills to the table for each post. Most of all, as a creative person, Katherine loves that being an influencer allows her to create beautiful things, all while using communications-based Master’s Degree towards running her own business.

Since joining Linqia in 2016, Katherine has participated in 8 programs and her content has inspired 16,500+ audience visits to the brand-sponsored landing pages. Katherine loves working with Linqia because of the attentive success teams and the user-friendly dashboard, which shares information about her clicks and performance for each program. Working with Linqia has also connected her with a network of other fellow influencers and fantastic brands. Her advice to other influencers is to sign up for Linqia, no matter what their most popular social media channel is. She also recommends sharing as much content as possible from each program and encourages other influencers to create two or three posts per program.There’s no limit to how many posts you can write, so why not? (Katherine created two blog posts for her program with Dorot, which you can find here and here!)

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