How We

At Linqia, influencer marketing measurement isn’t an afterthought, it’s our mantra

While most influencer marketing companies apply metrics
in the final stages of a campaign, Linqia’s methodology interweaves measurement through every step of our process, setting you up for success from our first meeting to the final review.


We begin with the end in mind

Our brand strategists analyze in-depth data distilled from our Resonate platform to inform the campaign strategy and creative direction. We evaluate insights such as:

  • Audience demographics
  • Predictive content analysis
  • Cultural & topical trends on social media

media optimization

Don’t boost blindly.

It’s common for brands to boost all of a campaign’s assets to paid media channels without testing content elements first, but this is a missed opportunity. We perform dozens of multivariate tests to uncover the highest-performing assets and amplify only this select group of qualified content to paid media for the farthest reach and best ROI.


Go beyond likes and engagements to measure business impact without bias

Our third-party partners measure the success of your influencer campaign and track business objectives to define true ROI including sales lift, brand lift, foot traffic, TV Tune-in, and more


With access to the Linqia Analytics Dashboard on our platform, you’ll receive real-time reporting to measure your campaign across both organic and paid advertising initiatives

  • Click Through Rate (CTR)
  • Engagement Rate
  • Video View Through Rate (VTR)
  • Impressions
  • Carting
  • Percent to goal
  • Benchmark Comparison Reporting
  • Campaign Comparison Reporting
  • Content Distribution
  • Content & Influencer Performance Analysis


After the campaign is complete, you’ll receive a summary, showing how your campaign performed from start to finish

  • Organic and paid media results
  • Evaluation of top assets with best practices to repurpose
  • Sentiment Analysis of content and audience engagement
  • Share of Voice Analysis
  • Full audience analysis to understand effectiveness
  • Insights and recommendations that can be applied in other channels and in future influencer campaigns