Journey to Becoming an Influencer

Kate Reali, owner and creator of Ramblings from Utopia, is a rock-star influencer with over 70 Linqia programs under her belt. Ramblings from Utopia features everything from DIY projects and eco-friendly ideas to family-friendly travel, kid projects, and recipes. Its name was inspired by Kate’s life in Fairhope, Alabama, which started out as a Utopian society. Majority of Kate’s beautiful photography is taken in Fairhope, where there are still shops and signs reflecting Fairhope’s history as a Utopia of sorts.

Before Ramblings from Utopia, Kate had  cupcake blog called Ryn’s Recipes. She’s always been a unique person (even voted “most unique” in high school during her senior year) and  blogging was a way to share her take on ideas and how she sees the world through her lens.

“I love being a Linqia influencer for two reasons: 1) the opportunity to create content for great brands and 2) seeing ideas and posts from Linqia’s wonderful community of influencers.”

How Has Linqia Helped

Kate inquired about joining Linqia after hearing about it through a fellow blogger. Not 5nly does she love the opportunity to create content for great brands, but she also loves Linqia’s community of influencers and able seeing their ideas and posts. She also enjoys being an influencer because it helps keep her kids interested and involved, especially as they get older. Her children are often the subject of her beautiful photography and they are always excited to find out what her next project is. Her son particularly intrigued when it’s food related because he loves joining her at the grocery store.

Since joining Linqia in February of 2014, Kate has participated in 72 programs and her content has inspired 46,000+ audience visits to the brand-sponsored landing pages. Her advice to other influencers looking to join Linqia is to make sure that you stay authentic and always have fun with your blog. She believes that as long as readers still feel you are blogging from the heart, they will continue to come back to see what you’re working on next!

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