Journey to Becoming an Influencer

Tommy Lei, owner and creator of MYBELONGING, has successfully grown his online presence as a “Styleteller” with a unique emphasis on androgynous, high fashion. Tommy started his blog as an online journal to document and find meaning amongst his material investments.

Today, with over 120,000 followers across his social channels,  MYBELONGING is an artistic online expression of Tommy’s personal journey to live his life on his own terms — whether through his style, identity, or lifestyle. According to Tommy, MYBELONGING can be described as “an extension of an interactive conversation on what it means to be essentially and unapologetically you.”

“What I like best about being a part of the Linqia community is the fact that the platform is entirely results-driven. You get addicted to seeing how much traffic you’re driving for a particular program!”

How Has Linqia Helped

Tommy first heard about Linqia in February of 2016 when a member of the Linqia team personally reached out about a paid sponsorship opportunity with Montblanc. He loves that being an influencer allows him to express himself at all times, whether it’s by documenting his lifestyle on social media or collaborating with a brand that personally resonates with him.

Since joining Linqia, Tommy has created beautiful, high-value content in collaboration with brands like, Alford & Hoff, and Perrier. His favorite thing about being a member of the Linqia community is the fact that the platform is entirely results-driven. Tommy’s advice to other influencers is to be authentic to your voice and individuality. Don’t take on a project for a client or brand that you’d never see yourself aligned with!

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