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The Challenge

Saputo’s Stella® Cheese wanted to grow awareness of its cheese products and position itself as the go-to brand for cheese-based recipes during the busy holiday season. In the weeks prior to Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Hanukkah, Stella Cheese partnered with Linqia to launch an influencer marketing program designed to share original recipes that featured its cheese as a key ingredient.
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“We love working with Linqia for a variety of reasons: the turn-key process, the dedicated success managers, and the thorough analytics and reporting. Also, the influencers take great product shots and come up with delicious recipes using our cheeses, so it gives us a lot of content that we can repurpose on our channels.”




Founded in 1863, Bayer is one of the longest-lived companies in the world, yet the brand is as relevant today as it was nearly 200 years ago. Their endurance and success is the result of their scientific innovation in the pharmaceutical space, but it is also due to their willing enthusiasm to adapt and evolve with changing times.


Linqia and Bayer have worked together on dozens of campaigns and the ongoing partnership drives business results that outperform previous benchmarks. “What sets Linqia apart is their entire sequence of capabilities. Unlike other influencer marketing companies who just offer creative, or measurement, Linqia has everything—there are no gaps in the chain. They stole my heart with strategy, but kept my loyalty with their measurement and results. Everything is best-in-class,” remarked Vitola.

What sets Linqia apart is their entire sequence of capabilities.
Everything is best-in-class.”

Denise Vitola | VP Brand Integration PR, Social & Influencer at Bayer

The Solution

Linqia connected Stella Cheese with 75 influencers in the Food, Parenting, and Lifestyle verticals with a focus on holiday parties, cooking, and recipes. The influencers purchased a variety of Stella Cheese products to incorporate into the original recipes they planned on using while hosting their holiday parties. Each recipe was accompanied by an authentic story around the influencers’ featured recipes, holiday traditions, and their experiences hosting holiday parties. The influencers encouraged their audiences to create their own holiday recipes with Stella Cheese, driving them to the program landing page to view alternative recipe ideas and learn more about the brand. Stella Cheese also incorporated a holiday giveaway to enhance the awareness initiative by offering a complimentary trip for two to Napa for a weekend getaway filled with wine and cheese pairings. By the program’s end, Linqia influencers reached nearly 35 million consumers, 248% more than the program goal, with over 2,500 pieces of original content, including recipes, photos, blog stories, and social posts. The influencers’ audiences loved the authentic stories and recipes, evident in the 86,000+ social engagements and 28,500+ visits to the Stella Cheese program landing pages. Additionally, Stella Cheese repurposed the mouthwatering influencer photography on its website and social channels, showcasing recipe ideas from real consumers. The influencer attribution on the repurposed pieces of content continues to send traffic back to the original post, driving up the SEO value for blog stories featuring Stella Cheese products and making the blog stories more discoverable over time.


Music is a core component of any successful influencer campaign, and for the 50+ audience on social media, familiarity and nostalgia win. So Bayer’s One A Day team and Linqia decided to remix the famous “Teach Me How to Dougie” song from the 90s—but with a twist. For the newly minted “Teach Me How To Gummy,” Linqia developed a dance challenge that featured seven creators on TikTok including Alfonso Ribeiro (@alfonsoribeiro) to lead the campaign.

Though the influencers’ primary platform was TikTok, they each had an Instagram and/or Facebook presence as well and cross-posted their content to those channels.

In order to pull this off, Bayer needed to secure music publishing and performance rights to the original track. Music licensing is a daunting task, and if done incorrectly, can create a whole new headache of legal issues for brands. Luckily, the Linqia team is well-versed in this space and negotiated a deal for the original song so that they could use their version in the campaign.


Linqia influencers created over 2,500 pieces of original content including blog stories, recipes, photographs, and social media posts.
The influencer content inspired over 114,500 online engagements, including clicks, likes, comments, retweets, and shares.
The program reached 78.5 million consumers, 248% more than the program goal.


@CynthiaGouw | Active Living/ Beauty

Supported by Linqia’s applied learnings, the campaign saw better performance on Facebook and Instagram. Facebook delivered more efficient awareness and impressions, with CPMs averaging 32% cheaper than paid TikTok impressions. Linqia also saw stronger CTRs on Facebook when compared to TikTok, with a 13.1% CTR compared to a 1.6% CTR. All in all, the campaign drove a 1.7% increase in purchase intent, a +2.5% lift in unaided brand awareness, and +5.2% lift in brand favorability.

Comment threads blew up with enthusiastic people, many of whom took on the challenge themselves, and One A Day sales jumped with $2.8MM worth of carted value driven from the campaign.


“Awesome Energy” – Tata

brand loyalty

“Great job I love those vitaimns” – Trisha


“Vitamin gummy’s are life at my age now lol” -Lupita

Intent to purchase

“Yasss. You just inspired me to switch. Just left Walmart and got me
some Women One A Day” – Chantae
The campaign hit every high-level business objective, while staying true to Bayer’s brand values. Combining pop-culture nostalgia with a trending dance challenge, Bayer showed that age is just a number (for companies and consumers) and authentic content wins every time.

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We know that the influencer space can be overwhelming, but it’s a must-have for every brand looking to scale in today’s social media space. Want a local tour guide to lead your brand through the complexities of the influencer ecosystem and come out on top? Look no further than Linqia. Click here to request a custom influencer marketing campaign consultation today.

The viral dance campaign drove $2.8MM in carted value
During the pandemic, the brand quickly pivoted to create a recipe campaign
The “Finding Otherness” campaign achieved a +27% increase in brand awareness
Entertaining content delivered an engagement rate of 256% more than projected
L’Oreal’s Baxter of California drove 8.7M potential impressions with original, influencer content
Kimberly-Clark found success with their influencer shopper marketing program


The influencer program yielded 3.7x more engagement for TV Everywhere