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The Challenge

Three Olives Vodka was gearing up to launch its “Finding Otherness” campaign for the launch of a delicious and trendy rosé flavored vodka. The challenge was to introduce this new flavor to a crowded vodka market in a refreshing and breakthrough way. Three Olives also wanted to extend the life of their vodka by positioning it as a drink that could be enjoyed at night, as well as during the day. Three Olives partnered with Arena, part of Havas Media Group, to develop a new campaign around otherness and #voséallday. The campaign’s message of “Finding Otherness” celebrated anomalies, peculiarities and eccentricities. To accompany this new campaign, Three Olives wanted influencers to tell their unique otherness stories with their authentic voice. Three Olives wanted to activate influencers across the United States to help raise awareness and increase purchase intent of this new rosé vodka.

The Solution

Arena turned to Linqia to help identify the right influencers to create compelling and engaging content. Linqia first started by understanding the unique campaign needs and the types of influencers needed to match the campaign style of “Finding Otherness”. Three Olives wanted a collection of influencers who embraced their individuality, sought out fun moments, and cast boring to the wind. Linqia’s PerformanceMatch™ uncovered more than two dozen unique influencers who were activated in two campaigns that spanned over two months. The campaign leveraged a diverse cross-section of influencers covering interests from lifestyle, active living, fashion, culture, DIY, and beverages. Influencers created compelling content around both National Wine Day and National Rose Day and incorporated the #voséallday hashtag and motif into their lifestyle. “There was some really cool content created, in fact Three Olives was able to reuse some of the images in future posts,” said the Media Supervisor for Arena overseeing the campaign. Hundreds of beautiful images showing the influencers enjoying their Three Olives Rose in playful ways, both at daytime and at night, helped the brand generate buzz and engagement. Following the organic campaign, Linqia’s PerformanceLift™ technology analyzed those assets with various permutations across a series of creative tests to determine the 17 best ads to activate on Instagram for the first flight, and 15 ads for the second flight. Those ads then ran in Instagram for another month, extending the reach and engagement of the campaign for two additional months.
“Linqia doesn’t only deliver, they over delivered! This campaign validated the power of influencer when added to an already existing marketing campaign.”

Media Supervisor, Arena for Three Olives


To measure the effectiveness of the campaign, Three Olives leveraged the Linqia Intelligence Suite. Linqia partner Dynata, formerly known as Research Now SSI, was tapped to measure the ad creative impact. Dynata works with a panel of more than 11 million deeply profiled consumers, to determine the effectiveness of an ad campaign. For this campaign, Dynata asked a series of questions about both the brand and the product to the two panels – one exposed to the ad and one that isn’t – collecting 450 total responses. And the results were impressive:

  • – Brand awareness for the new Rose vodka increased by almost 27% after exposure to the Linqia influencer ad creative
  • – Purchase intent for the new vodka also increased more than 10%
  • – Brand perceptions also went up, with an increase across all categories including “high quality” and “like to be seen drinking”

In addition to the ad creative lift study, the campaign also delivered engaging organic and paid engagement.

  • – Linqia influencers created more than 100 original, high-quality pieces of content including photographs, videos and blog posts
  • – Across all the touchpoints, the average engagement rate was 27%
  • – The campaign attracted over 200MM impressions across paid and organic channels

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The viral dance campaign drove $2.8MM in carted value
During the pandemic, the brand quickly pivoted to create a recipe campaign
The “Finding Otherness” campaign achieved a +27% increase in brand awareness
Entertaining content delivered an engagement rate of 256% more than projected
L’Oreal’s Baxter of California drove 8.7M potential impressions with original, influencer content
Kimberly-Clark found success with their influencer shopper marketing program


The influencer program yielded 3.7x more engagement for TV Everywhere