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To drive awareness for Jersey Mike’s 12th Annual Month of Giving Campaign and drive in-store purchasing on the Day of Giving (March 30th) in order to raise money for 2022 Special Olympics USA Games.


Jersey Mike’s Subs 12th Annual Month of Giving campaign sought to reach new and loyal customers via an organic and paid social media campaign to benefit the Special Olympics. They knew they needed the right influencers for the job and a particularly authentic message, and that Linqia could deliver the technology, creative chops, and honest, informed advice to execute on the challenge. This is the third time Linqia has run the Month of Giving program with Jersey Mike’s, and The Month of Giving continues to outperform with each new campaign.

I was blown away by the 17 million organic impressions. It was the most we have ever done by a landslide. We raised $20 million for the 2022 Special Olympics USA Games which is incredible—our most successful year for donations yet.

Kelly McGee | Director of Digital Marketing, Jersey Mike’s



Jersey Mike’s is beloved in the Fast Casual space as a competitive go-to for fresh-sliced/fresh-grilled sub sandwiches. With more than 2,200 locations across the United States, Jersey Mike’s is part of the fabric of American cities and towns, providing franchise opportunities and delicious food. But where this brand really shines is in its dedication to philanthropy. At the heart of the company’s mission is an enduring promise to give back to the communities they serve, and make a difference in someone’s life.


Linqia values both the longevity of its partnerships and the precision with which they track and measure a given campaign from end-to-end, allowing for growth and applied-learning over time and across social media trends.

We’ve been partners with Linqia for four years. Over this time, we have been able to fine-tune exactly what we are looking for in our campaigns with Linqia. It’s a great long-term relationship.

Kelly McGee | Director of Digital Marketing, Jersey Mike’s

Each new campaign builds upon metrics from the last and both our algorithms and in-house strategists get more targeted with each new run. Linqia also stands out when it comes to optimized content. Their Paid Media & Measurement Strategy team tests out all creative for the first half of the campaign and then scales the top performing ads for the second half–only the most qualified ads are boosted. This extra step ensures that our clients put their spend where it is most likely to be seen, de-risks the process, and hits more targets with fewer arrows–a win for everyone.


Linqia’s Brand Success Team sought influencers who have a real-life connection with the Special Olympics to tell authentic stories around the event and why it mattered to them. With the guidance of Linqia’s creative team as well as the freedom to express in their own style and voice, influencers shared their personal stories around the Special Olympics, leaning heavily on video, and what the Month of Giving means to them. They also featured both food-focused and store imagery.

Linqia stayed on top of the latest social media trends, suggesting that influencers use the dictation feature in Instagram Stories (a trend typically only used for grid content). The campaign’s top performer, Golden August, used this feature in her stories, proving Linqia’s hypothesis correct. The messaging CTA provided by Linqia’s team encouraged audiences to order at Jersey Mike’s and make a donation. And donate they did, to the tune of $20 million!


Our investment in Linqia has been more than worthwhile. Why? The ideas they give us, the content, the impressions and awareness we gain at the local and national level, all authenticity all the time–it has all proven itself out.

Breanna Burke | Social Media Manager, Jersey Mike’s
Jersey Mike’s truly cares about the causes that they support, and Linqia was happy to help them take home the gold. Of the 17 Million Organic Impressions, audience comments revealed:



Top performer Golden August utilized the popular automated text-to-speech feature for her story’s VoiceOver, implementing a trend typically only used for in-feed content.Her second story video had a clear CTA, with one frame dedicated to donation instructions. The video had both text overlay, VoiceOver and closed captioning to increase accessibility.

Linqia’s strategy included specific creative elements that proved to perform well.
Comments revealed a highly engaged and emotionally invested demographic across both awareness and interest and brand loyalty:


“Special Olympics was a huge influence in our lives and my brothers life as well, he thrived in that environment and made lots of friends!!! I also volunteered for the special Olympics in Utah!! I love this!!”-@LeslieTaute

brand loyalty

“OMG Jersey Mike’s is my new favorite sub shop. Now I have one more reason to love them and to continue to support them!” -@JenniferLynnPeet
In paid media, the top performing ad unit garnered an impressive 1.7MM impressions and accounted for 32% of total engagements. Linqia identified winning creative elements implemented in their A/B testing to inform recommendations for future campaigns.
At the end of the day, Linqia is all about authenticity. Linqia identified great influencers who embody the real deal—everyday families and individuals who truly cared about the Special Olympics cause and were more than happy to support the brand in its goals to give back.

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