Foster Farms was looking to drive awareness and purchase intent around its new air chilled chicken by highlighting the product benefits. However, just as the campaign was beginning to take hold, the coronavirus pandemic was beginning to sweep the nation. Grocery stores were soon bare and consumers were picking up whatever products they could get their hands on. Foster Farms was facing a unique situation where the brand did not need to convince shoppers to purchase their chicken, they needed to highlight how people could enjoy their chicken in new ways. Consumers were stuck at home and cooking more than ever before, desperate for recipe inspiration that didn’t require expert cooking techniques or a ton of ingredients. 

To highlight Foster Farms air chilled chicken, they turned to Linqia to design a custom influencer campaign with the goal of creating new recipes with food bloggers and influencers that could be used during quarantine – and beyond. 


Originally, Foster Farms was going to focus on the key benefits of cooking with air chilled chicken in their influencer campaign, but seeing how consumer behavior took a complete 180, Linqia and Foster Farms agreed to quickly pivot and instead focus on recipe inspiration. Seeing that recipe searches were hitting an all time high with a 400% increase, Linqia identified a diverse set of food influencers who could each create a truly unique dish. Using Linqia’s proprietary discovery algorithms, Linqia found West Coast influencers who could reach the target Foster Farms audience demographics, as well as develop their own recipes using pantry items – realizing that consumers weren’t going back out to the stores, using products that could already be found in the house was critical. 


“As the pandemic swept the country, we had to pivot, and fast. Thankfully working with Linqia I had a true partner to analyze consumer trends and be able to shift the creative direction of the campaign instantly and make it consumer friendly by adding the pantry item requirement. In these unpredictable times, having 8 new recipes – and tons of accompanying images – at our fingertips is incredibly valuable.” – Rachel Ferrer, Senior Marketing Manager, Foster Farms

Together, Linqia and Foster Farms identified 8 influencers from Seattle down to San Diego to develop 8 delicious new recipes for the brand including Sweet BBQ Chicken and Salsa Chicken in Lettuce Wraps. Influencers were not given any specific requirements to create their recipes beyond using Foster Farms air chilled chicken and pantry items, thus ensuring the recipes created were authentic, new and unique. Influencers posted the recipes on their blogs and promoted the recipes on Instagram, Instagram Stories, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Foster Farms also repurposed the recipes on their website to optimize SEO and their website experience. 


Eight influencers created nearly 150 unique content assets across all social media platforms to generate more than 10,000 engagements. The campaign also saw a 83% higher CTR than Linqia’s benchmark for similar food and beverage campaigns! 

Each recipe got consumers excited to try their hands at making these tasty new recipes. After analyzing the comments received, Linqia found 85% were positive and some of the comments ranged from having appreciation: “These are some awesome recipe ideas!! Cooking at home every day can get boring but it’s important to get creative” to showing purchase intent: “I’ll look for this brand of chicken next time I go shopping!”

The campaign also caught the attention of the Washington Post who called out the fast change in message and the high quality of the content saying, “One account, Katy A Shade of Teal, got 308 likes for a mouthwatering picture of lemon Parmesan chicken with a link to the recipe.”