Winner of Silver American Business Award for Marketing Campaign of the Year – Personal Care

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The Challenge

Kimberly-Clark’s Cottonelle wanted to drive awareness of and increase engagement around its brand, shifting perception from one of a bath tissue brand to a personal care brand. Kimberly-Clark and Linqia teamed up to launch an influencer shopper marketing program that featured the Cottonelle Clean Care Box, a personal care box of multiple deluxe-sized sample items (including Kleenex tissue, Skinfix lip balm and hand cream, and Cottonelle cleansing wipes) that could only be purchased on
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“We chose to work with Linqia because of the level of detail they seek in order to educate and align their influencers with the brand message. I’m very confident they can deliver on our goals based on the detailed information they requested.”


The Solution

Linqia paired Cottonelle with over 30 Parenting and Lifestyle influencers, all of whom indicated interest in home and body care products. Cottonelle provided influencers with a Cottonelle Clean Care Box, the story’s direction, the desired call-to-action, and a description of why the box’s items were paired together. Linqia’s influencers then created original stories about their passion for personal care, sharing their daily regimens and vocalizing their appreciation for and the benefits of each item in the Cottonelle Clean Care Box. Some also positioned it as a handy travel pack, containing all of their favorite personal care items in a convenient kit. The influencers drove their audiences to where consumers could purchase a Cottonelle Clean Care Box of their own while supplies lasted. By the program’s end, Linqia influencers created over 700 pieces of content, including 30+ unique blog stories, 100+ shots of beautiful product photography, and close to 600 various social posts. The content generated 11.5 million potential impressions and garnered nearly 12,500 engagements while driving almost 10,500 visits to the product landing page. More importantly, the Cottonelle Clean Care Box sold out in less than 48 hours, after which the influencers updated their content to talk about the benefits of the full sized products.


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The viral dance campaign drove $2.8MM in carted value
During the pandemic, the brand quickly pivoted to create a recipe campaign
The “Finding Otherness” campaign achieved a +27% increase in brand awareness
Entertaining content delivered an engagement rate of 256% more than projected
L’Oreal’s Baxter of California drove 8.7M potential impressions with original, influencer content
Kimberly-Clark found success with their influencer shopper marketing program


The influencer program yielded 3.7x more engagement for TV Everywhere