Schwan’s Red Baron, a frozen pizza brand celebrating 40 years as a favorite for family pizza night, wanted to raise awareness about its #RedBaronTimeless campaign by driving visits to the landing page, where people could scroll through the brand’s historical timeline and find their favorite Red Baron pizza flavors. The brand, seeking earned media coverage to complement its paid efforts, wanted to show the timelessness of the “pizza night” tradition through stories and photos from real people. With a tight turnaround time, Red Baron needed a turn-key influencer marketing solution that could handle the heavy lifting and time consuming aspects of building and launching an influencer program in a quick, cost effective manner.

“Working with Linqia increases our efficiency. All of the matching, communication, program management, and performance analytics are automated through the platform and complemented with services, allowing me to focus on the strategy and messaging. If I had to do this myself, it would have been far more expensive for my clients to run a similar program.”



Red Baron teamed up with Linqia to connect with over 50 influencers in the Parenting, Travel, Food, and Lifestyle verticals. The influencers shared memories of past pizza night traditions and included throwback photos of their families spending time together while bonding over pizza. The influencers also talked about Red Baron pizza and how it helps them continue the timeless pizza night tradition with their own families today.

By the program’s end, Linqia influencers created over 1,400 original blog stories, photographs, recipes, and social posts about Red Baron pizza. The personal stories and photos resonated with the audience, resulting in 388% more engagement than projected. Overall, the program generated 36M potential impressions and drove 15,000+ visits to the Red Baron landing page. By partnering with Linqia, Red Baron was able to successfully run an influencer program that involved more influencers and generated more original content in a shorter period of time and for far less money than if they had run a program in-house.


  • The program generated 22.9M potential impressions.
  • Linqia influencers created over 1,400 pieces of original content including blog stories, recipes, photographs, and social media posts.
  • People engaged with the original content nearly 23,000 times, 388% more than the program goal.