Winner of Gold Stevie® Award for Communications or PR Campaign of the Year – Multicultural

The Challenge

Herdez, a brand of authentic Mexican food products ranging from salsas to tortillas, wanted to raise brand awareness and connect with consumers in a meaningful way.

To do so, Herdez focused on Las Posadas, a 9-day Mexican Christmas tradition based on the biblical journey of Mary and Joseph and their search for an inn to stay before the birth of Jesus. Every December 16-24, friends, families, and neighbors participate as “innkeepers” and host a Posada (hotel or inn) in their home each night. The evening’s host family provides traditional Las Posadas food—an essential element to the festivities.

Herdez created a Las Posadas landing page with different recipes the hosts could prepare but needed to drive traffic to the page and generate entries for a Las Posadas giveaway.

“Linqia is a great partner for Herdez, and we want to continue working with [the] team. We love the content Linqia influencers create, both the recipes and photos. The program dashboard is so easy to use and lets us stay updated on the program effectiveness in real time.”

Herdez Media Supervisor

The Solution

Herdez teamed up with Linqia to reach Mexican and Mexican-American influencers in the U.S. with strong interests in home cooking, food photography, and family traditions. During the program, Linqia influencers shared their family’s Las Posadas traditions and included original photos of old family recipes that were spiced up with Herdez ingredients.

They encouraged their audiences to share pictures and stories of their own Los Posadas memories with the hashtag #MisPosadas. Including the #MisPosadas hashtag also entered the individual in the Herdez Las Posadas giveaway contest.

By the end of the program, influencers created 163% more original content than the program goal, resulting in 44% more traffic to the Las Posadas landing page than committed to. The influencer audiences deeply identified with the Las Posadas theme, evident in the engagement rate, which was 487% over the program expectation. The tantalizing food photography that accompanied each recipe was also a big hit— the top influencer Instagram posts with the #MisPosadas hashtag received 5x more Instagram likes than average.

The Results

  • Linqia influencers generated 1,300+ pieces of content for the Herdez program.
  • People pinned photographs from the Herdez program to their own Pinterest boards 1,300+ times.
  • Audiences engaged with blog stories and social media posts 487% more than anticipated.
  • 60+ communities run by Mexican or Mexican-American influencers participated.