The Challenge

Aurobindo Pharma’s Natrol, a national vitamin and supplement brand, wanted to raise awareness around two of its products: 5-HTP and Melatonin. Though Natrol owns 85% of the 5-HTP market, there are still quite a few people who haven’t heard of the supplement. Further, some consumers were weary of its scientific name. And while Natrol is the #1 name in melatonin, the brand wanted to capitalize on that position to reach new audiences. Natrol decided to try influencer marketing because 92% of consumers today trust friends, peers, or like-minded individuals over traditional forms of advertising. Natrol needed influencers to help humanize the 5-HTP name and create organic conversations around sleep and natural sleep aids.

“Linqia does an incredibly thorough job and we are getting great results. I love how they present not just the ‘what,’ but also the between the lines… the context we are all hungry for. The influencer-generated content will really help drive our presence online forward.”

Natrol Brand Manager

The Solution

Natrol partnered with Linqia to connect with its target audience of health-conscious, active women and mothers between 30-65 years old. The first flight of the two-flight Storybook program featured 5-HTP while the second focused on Melatonin during National Sleep Month. In both flights, influencers shared stories about times when they were stressed, sad, or restless. Each post offered Natrol 5-HTP or Melatonin as an effective cure for these symptoms, educating audiences about the supplements and detailing their positive effects on the body. Audiences responded well to the content, engaging with it 305% more than the program goal and clicking through to the Natrol landing pages more than 16,000 times. Linqia influencers generated 511% more pieces of content than expected, which the brand repurposed in a variety of ways, including an album on Facebook, content for the internal communications team, and hosted web articles.

The Results

  • The Natrol program resulted in 34.8M potential impressions across a group of 40+ contextually relevant communities.
  • Linqia’s influencer posts drove over 16,000 visits to Natrol landing pages.
  • Audience members engaged with the social media posts in this program 305% more than the program goal.
  • Linqia influencers created 511% more pieces of original content than expected.