Linqia coo influencer marketing

Q&A with Linqia COO Daniel Schotland on the power of influencer marketing

Study the most popular

Study: The most popular influencer marketing platform is...

Big leagues becoming year round

Influencer Marketing Joins the Big Leagues by Becoming a Year-Round Approach According to New Linqia Report

Influencer marketing shifts

Influencer marketing shifts to always-on strategy, study says

Marketers Are Taking

Marketers Are Taking a Year-Round Approach to Influencer Marketing According to Report

Marketers boost influencer budgets

Marketers to Boost Influencer Budgets in 2019

Complete suite measurement tools

Linqia is the First Influencer Marketing Company to Offer a Complete Suite of Measurement Tools to Prove Effectiveness

Three Olives Vodka’s

Three Olives Vodka's influencer campaign boosts awareness 32%

Six social media trends

Six key social media marketing trends for 2019

ANA 2018-10 influencer marketing

Popularity Contest with both video and still images, brands increasingly turn to influencers to engage millennials and gen Z

New Standards are Transforming

New Standards are Transforming the Field of Influencer Marketing

Convince & Convert

The 5 Best Influencer Marketing Studies of 2018 So Far