Messy social channels are a red flag for brands, even when you have an amazing blog. To ensure that all your social channels are in tip-top shape, we’ve compiled a quick guide on how to give them a good spring cleaning that will impress both your audience and potential brand partners!

  1. Monitor Your Traffic Quality – Ever get excited to see you have a new follower only to find out it’s another “Get 1000 Instagram Followers” account? Yeah, us too. Be sure to take some time every month to go through your followers and block these accounts as well as ghost followers (accounts who follow you but never engage with your content). If you have a large following this can be difficult, but you can use apps like Mass Unfollow for Instagram or Unfollow for Instagram to see who never engages with your content or check for spammy accounts and unfollow them in bulk. This will help your engagement rate go up as well, since you will weed out those that are not interacting with you.
  2. Increase Your Organic Engagement – Brands are taking a closer look at influencers’ engagement rates on social posts, so make sure you are engaging real followers. If an influencer has 50K followers, but routinely only gets a couple hundred likes and a handful of comments, it’s highly likely majority of the audience is fraudulent. For reference, the average engagement rates on Instagram and Facebook are 1.66% and 0.17%, respectively. If you are having trouble getting your audience to engage with a post, make sure you are actively responding to comments and regularly comment on other bloggers feeds. Building relationships like this builds trust with your audience, which is what brands are looking for! Check out Jojotastic’s Facebook Page for some great examples of content that drives engagement.
  3. Put Effort Into Your Aesthetic – Be sure to work on your visual aesthetic. Quality content and a beautiful profile are great ways to organically increase followers. Channels like Instagram and Pinterest are very visual, so you’ll want to make sure your content and layout is consistent and organized. Be sure that your photography is consistent and that your content will speak to your audience. Use Instagram Highlights to introduce new followers to your best content as well as further organize your page. If you want inspiration, check out  Work Your Closet’s Instagram for an example of a cohesive aesthetic and engaging content.

It takes time and effort to create strong social channels, so be patient with yourself. There is no quick trick to make your social channels amazing overnight, but these guidelines will help you get on the right track. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the Influencer Success Team at!