Marketers cite Facebook and Instagram as 2X more important than any other social channel for their influencer marketing programs. As the social media landscape continues to evolve, it’s crucial for influencers to stay on top of the latest social media trends, including cultivating their Instagram feeds.

As a result, we’ve decided to share some handy Instagram tips from two of Linqia’s top influencers. When it comes to Instagram engagement, Elizabeth of Oak & Oats and Evi of Ev’s Eats definitely know how to find success. We asked Elizabeth and Evi to share their most trusted Instagram tips. Check them out below!

1. Curate your Instagram aesthetic by maintaining consistency

Ev’s Eats: Curating your Instagram aesthetic should be all about what your vision is for your account. When I first started my Instagram, I knew that I wanted it to be full of color and bright, which meant every single image that I posted would have to reflect that.

You want to be consistent in your feed because that is how you build recognition. A good way to do this is to plan out your images. One of my favorite tools for that is through the app Planoly – it lets you visually plan your photos, as well as manage and schedule the posts.

Oak & Oats: The majority of the photos I share on my Instagram come from my DSLR. I created a preset in Lightroom called “Instagram” and I use that for all the images I share to Instagram. Not every picture is the same (I always have to play with white balance and exposure), but this creates the same feel photo to photo. I also always preview my feed using an app called Later so that I know the next photo I post will match accordingly and feel balanced.

Ev’s Eats Instagram Feed

Oak & Oat’s Instagram Feed

2. Arm yourself with an arsenal of photo editing tools

Ev’s Eats: Whenever I post to Instagram I usually edit through Instagram directly. I sometimes use apps like VSCO and Snapseed, but it honestly depends on what I am most comfortable with at the time.

Oak & Oats: I use a program called Later to plan and schedule my Instagram. It is a website and not an app which is a huge winner for me. This means that I can upload, plan, and schedule my Instagram all from my computer! I also use Lightroom to edit all my photos for my blog & Instagram.

3. Find out what posts your audience finds most engaging; then post more of it!

Ev’s Eats: I mostly post about food (my recipes and my restaurant eats). Over time I’ve found that my audience loves when I post pictures of my recipes; especially when I put the ingredients and directions in the caption.

Oak & Oats: My audience loves stunning nature photos or anything personal. I find that if I ask a question or bring my audience into a post, they love to respond, connect, and resonate.

4. Organically incorporate sponsored products into your posts

Ev’s Eats: Whenever I do a sponsored post I always think about what my audience would want to see from me if the post wasn’t sponsored. Doing this makes the post more relatable, and it allows me to come in and naturally disclose that the post is sponsored. I love to talk about why I loved the product or brand and how you can incorporate it in your everyday life.

Oak & Oats: I only accept sponsored posts that fit my life and style. I then incorporate that sponsored product the way I would feature anything else. I wear it, use it, share it, play with it. As a blogger, I love sharing my favorite products and brands so it just blends in with the rest of my work. I never want a sponsored post to stick out like a sore thumb which is why I am picky about what I say yes to!

5. What has been your favorite Instagram post you’ve done for a Linqia program and why?

Ev’s Eats: I loved all the Instagram posts I’ve done for Linqia, but if I had to choose it would be the video of the watch party that I hosted for Queen of the South. I had so much fun making it, and I received great engagement on Instagram from it. It allowed me to be interactive and show how I throw down in the kitchen and entertain, and my audience really seemed to relate with that.  

Oak & Oats: I love this travel gram from a trip to Kansas where I collaborated with Linqia and Tasc Performance on two outfit posts! It was such a great fit with my readers and I loved the product as well!