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Emily Thompson, owner of Nap-Time Creations, has successfully incorporated Facebook Live into her influencer strategy. As a result, Emily has seen her Facebook following grow 2.5X in less than a year. Going Live has also allowed her to build deeper relationships with her followers.

Program after program, we’ve seen Emily captivate her audience with live broadcasts of her sewing tutorials. Her Live videos have consistently driven more engagement than standard videos, proving she’s cracked the code.

We wanted to find out the secret behind her Facebook Live success. Read on for her tips on how to incorporate Facebook Live into your social strategy.

You have 26,000 followers on Nap-Time Creation’s Facebook page, so you’re clearly doing something right! How has getting into Facebook Live affected your Facebook strategy?

I think video is where it’s at! I’ve grown my page from 10,000 to 26,000 followers in the last 10 months, and I think that’s mainly due to Facebook Live.

How long after Facebook released Live did you begin incorporating it into your social strategy?

I did my first Facebook Live video a month after the feature launched. I had a couple friends who jumped in right away and they shared what they were learning so I was able to see success right away.

What tools do you need to perfect make the perfect Live video possible?

Good lighting, a tripod (I have two depending on the location), and a device that shoots the video (I shoot video with my cell phone). I also have a general idea of where I’m going to go with the recipe or project, but I don’t do much prep because I want people to see all the steps and get a feel for the real thing.

You created a Facebook Live video for your program with Pepperidge Farm’s Goldfish. How did that process compare to staging and editing your non-live videos for the program?

For the most part live video is easier. I just get my supplies ready, then I sit in front of the camera to sew/craft/cook and have a chat with my followers/friends. It’s really fun for me. To be honest, there isn’t any fussy editing or reshooting to get it to look just right. It is what it is – the good and the bad.

Your Goldfish video drove 4.3x more engagements and 5.4x more views than your 3 non-live videos. How does your relationship with your audience change in the instances where you use Facebook Live?

I think Facebook gives live videos special treatment because they seem to always get more viewers than my standard videos. Plus if you can get people chatting in the comments and clicking through any links in the description, it will help your reach and engagement on Facebook.

On your video with Goldfish, your daughter unexpectedly came into the shot while your video was broadcasting. What advice do you have for rolling with the punches and improvising when something unexpected happens?  

I just try to remain calm, laugh it off, and go with the flow. I don’t stress easily, so I think that works to my advantage for live broadcasting.

Which interactions during your Live broadcasts have been the most unexpected or meaningful to you?

I love seeing the same people come back time after time to say hi, see how I’m doing, or ask a followup question to something I mentioned in a previous post. I feel like I’m really getting to know my follows and they are really getting to know me. I have one viewer who stays up in the middle of the night to watch… ALL THE TIME (she’s in England)! It’s a special way to build a community with your blog.

What’s been the biggest surprise about broadcasting a Live video?

Haha, there are no do-overs. If I make a mistake, I have to fix it while everyone watches. If my daughter knocks over and breaks the tripod (true story), I have to duck tape it back together right then and there.

What tips do you have for those who are apprehensive of trying to shoot a Live broadcast?

Just be yourself. People love it when I make mistakes or when my daughter is climbing all over me while I’m trying to work. Those things happen to them, too, so it makes more relatable.

Which has been your favorite Linqia program so far? Why?

This is such a hard question! If I had to choose, I’d have to say the Yankee Candle program. The coupon was a big hit with my readers and I loved the sewing project that I made for the post.