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Patricia Taylor, owner and creator of Life of a Minister Mom, is a whiz at documenting her life as the mother of two beautiful little girls. Life of a Minister Mom features honest and entertaining stories about motherhood (the products they love, activities they enjoy doing) and inspirational, faith-based content.

Patricia’s posts are inviting and relatable because of her ability to seamlessly incorporate her daughters into her stories. Read on for Patricia’s tips to incorporating children into sponsored posts. 

How do you incorporate your children into your photos, blog stories, and sponsored programs?

I’ve always had the desire to photograph my children and capture these fleeting moments, so it was a natural step for me to incorporate them into my photos, blog stories, and sponsored programs. While it’s not always centered around them, I wouldn’t be ‘Life of a Minister Mom’ without the beautiful girls who gave me that title!

What moments or emotions do you look for to capture with your kids?

My daughters’ have the world’s best smiles, so I love when they are grinning! Their joy is reflected, even through a photo, and I love that! I also love their sisterly interactions. Getting them in the frame together is always something special.

What skills have they learned from watching you in your work?

It’s funny that you ask that because they watch everything I do!! They both enjoy taking photos and my oldest (5 years old) is really into the whole process. She knows how to download the pictures I take, make videos and she’s even taken a couple shots that I’ve used in posts!

How do you make your kids feel comfortable in front of the camera?

Bribery, hahaha! Ok, there is some truth to that, but I’ve been doing this since they were babies so it’s become a natural part of our process. They know what it means when mommy is having a “picture day,” and they see me in front of the camera as well as behind it. We can usually get them done in a matter of minutes, and it helps to avoid the more challenging times of day, like nap time. We make it fun and laugh and make silly faces. And yes, I will sometimes motivate them with a small treat. Fruit snacks work magic! LOL.

Do you plan certain shots or let them happen naturally?

It’s a mixture of both. I do love the results of a simple “say cheese,” but I also try to capture authentic moments. My little ladies both know how to strike a pose, so either way it always makes for some fun captures!

Do your kids affect the types of programs you accept or decline?

Yes, they do. If the campaign is geared towards children, I would not accept one that doesn’t line up with our family’s likes or preferences just for the sake of doing it. We haven’t really run into that problem yet, but if that issue came up I would simply move on. With plenty of opportunities, there’s no need to compromise!

How do you decide if you will include your children in a story or sponsored program?

I almost always do. We have fun doing this together and it’s one of the ways we bond! Of course there are occasions that one or both of them aren’t interested or cooperative and I’m met with resistance. In those instances I try to take a step back before trying again, and if for some reason it simply isn’t working that day, I take another route and get creative!

What tips do you have for other parents who want to include their children in sponsored stories?

Do what feels natural for you and your family and don’t compare! Your kids are special and unique and can be brilliant storytellers if given the space and opportunity. But if something doesn’t sit well with you, or it’s not their day, that’s ok! Take the pressure off of you and them, play to their strengths and the strengths of your environment.

What unique energy does each of your children bring to your stories and photography?

They both bring joy, joy, and more joy!! It’s infectious!! They feed off of each other, and their cheerful spirits naturally shine through.

Do your children enjoy learning about a line of work that is considered less traditional – that of an influencer?

They really do. They understand that this is mommy’s job and they get excited when I show them what I’m working on or the campaigns I’ve completed. I want them to know that it’s ok to take the path that may seem unconventional and that they can succeed at anything!

Which has been your favorite Linqia program so far? Why?

I’ve enjoyed them all so that’s tough! My most recent campaign with Danimals Smoothies was definitely a favorite though. I loved that it all came together so well, and with such natural ease. We did what we would normally do on a nice summer day, and went to the playground. Only this time we had our Danimals with us! My children played and enjoyed their smoothies while I took some of my favorite pictures to date!