Influencer marketing’s success is built on authenticity – the relationships between influencers and their audiences stem from a level of trust that is developed over time. At Linqia, authenticity is at the heart of everything we do, including in the relationships our influencers develop with each other. Our most successful influencers build true support systems with other influencers by celebrating one another’s work and fostering real engagement.

Authentic relationships with your fellow bloggers help grow your reach organically, facilitate creative collaborations, and expand your network. Check out these four tips on how to support fellow influencers:

1. Establish Authentic Relationships

Offer your support to your fellow bloggers and social media influencers by engaging with their content through likes, retweets, and repins. You can even take it a step further by writing unique, heartfelt comments that show your personality and set the stage for real friendships that extend offline. Share anecdotes about what you might have in common or ask relevant questions to establish a meaningful dialogue around the content.

2. Celebrate Each Other’s Work

There are so many ways to spotlight your friends’ work and celebrate their content! For example, if you’re in a bind for content to fill your social calendars, share articles from fellow influencers to your Facebook and Twitter profiles. If your blog features recipes, feature your foodie friends’ work in a creative listicle to share to BuzzFeed. If their content fits your personal brand’s aesthetic and message, feel free to share a photo to Instagram, along with a caption about how their work inspires your own. No matter how and what you choose to share, always remember to always credit the content creator with a link back, @ mention, or by tagging their account.

3. Build a Collaborative Creative Community

Explore the creative possibilities that come with getting to know each other in an offline setting. Co-host a holiday DIY event, throw a well curated dinner party, or plan a seasonal soiree with like-minded influencers. For fashion bloggers, a great way to bounce creative ideas off one another and save money is to invite your fellow blogger friends to photograph your shoots — it’s so much cheaper than hiring a photographer! For influencers both near and far, invite your creative friends to write a guest post on your blog or host an Instagram takeover to expose your audiences to one another’s work.

4. Share Your Networks

Similar to any other kind of networking, it’s important to be generous with your contacts in order to expand each others’ circles. In addition to sharing your blogging tips, share your contacts by inviting your blogger friends to new events and introducing one another both on and offline. Through Linqia’s Referral Program, you can even refer fellow influencers to the platform for the chance to earn $5 plus a 15% commission on their first program earnings!

Being an influencer is about so much more than writing sponsored posts (although they are an added bonus!). It’s about building relationships and making friends with individuals who share similar interests.