Increasing reach size is a concern for many influencers, especially those who want to collaborate with advertisers and brands. Exposing new audiences to your content is a great way to gain new fans. Placing images and text posts on other websites is a little known method of reaching new audiences, but you can supercharge this strategy by posting on BuzzFeed and Yummly, two websites trafficked by millions.


Anyone with an email address or social account (Facebook, Twitter, or Google+) can register an account on BuzzFeed. Once your account is confirmed, you are free to post as many BuzzFeed articles as you want.

If you aren’t already familiar with BuzzFeed (where have you been hiding?), all of their community contributed articles are “listicles” – lists with images and short text blurbs with links. Savvy influencers will post great images or GIFs of recipes, crafts, beauty tutorials, workout moves, or other interesting content and write a short teaser that links back to their website, enticing readers to click through and learn more.

Making your own listicles can organically funnel traffic from BuzzFeed to your website. Once they see the rest of your great posts, you’ve likely gained a new fan.

However, there’s one thing to keep in mind when posting about a live program on Buzzfeed. Linking an link in BuzzFeed posts is not allowed, but you can post program content and images in your lists then link back to your sponsored post.

Linqia influencer Unicorns in the Kitchen used this tactic in her post for LA VICTORIAⓇ brand mango habanero salsa. She created a listicle titled “12 Breakfast Toasts That Are As Tasty As They Are Instagrammable” and placed her sponsored image for a Sweet and Spicy Breakfast Toast (made with LA VICTORIA salsa) at the top, linking back to her LA VICTORIA post. The editors at BuzzFeed loved the toast post so much they placed it on BuzzFeed’s Facebook page, where it received over 1,000 engagements. Not only did this drive traffic to her sponsored post, it likely earned her new followers.


Influencers who post recipes should take advantage of the recipe sharing website Yummly. Anyone can post their original recipes to this foodie haven and include a link back to their main website. Influencers participating in sponsored food or recipe programs can post their creations on Yummly then link back to their sponsored post.

Recipes can be posted two ways: 1) directly to Yummly’s website or mobile app or 2) through their special “Yum!” button code which you copy and add at the end of any post with a recipe. This button lets your audience instantly save your recipe to their Yummly “recipe box” (while remaining on your website), increasing the recipe’s reach and netting you a new fan.

It’s a strategy that works! After the LA VICTORIA program, six of Yummly’s top 10 mango habanero salsa recipes were from Linqia influencers.

Posting your content to BuzzFeed and Yummly can garner new followers and increase engagement with your sponsored and original content, so give it a try! If you’re an influencer with great content and are interested in reaching more brands, join the Linqia platform today. If you’re already a Linqia influencer, share your BuzzFeed and Yummly posts with us on our Facebook!