Linqia Launches the Healthcare Creator Network (HCN) for Influencer Campaigns

Linqia introduces a first to market offering designed to make it safer and easier for pharmaceutical brands (OTC and Rx) to leverage professional healthcare professionals for their influencer marketing campaigns

SAN FRANCISCO (October  17, 2023)Linqia, the calm in the chaotic sea of influencer marketing, today announced its latest influencer marketing solution, the Healthcare Creator Network (HCN). The HCN is a curated, pre-vetted list of professional healthcare professionals who are proven social media influencers, equipped to partner with pharmaceutical brands (OTC and Rx) on influencer marketing campaigns. 

The healthcare industry has been slower to adopt social media and partner with influencers than other industries, primarily due to the heavy regulation these brands face when it comes to content creation. Linqia launched the HCN to enable these brands to activate seamlessly with pre-vetted talent in a brand safe and healthcare compliant manner. 

Consumers are increasingly turning to social media for medical advice and seeking guidance from healthcare professionals. According to a Healthline Media survey, 76% of people living with a chronic condition are more likely to trust physician influencers versus general health and wellness influencers.

Linqia identified the top healthcare professions that social media users were turning to for content and advice, and curated a shortlist from its extensive database of professional healthcare influencers and creators. The list was pre-vetted for quality, brand safe content, and influencers were validated for their interest in partnering with brands on branded and/or unbranded healthcare campaigns.   

The HCN is composed of healthcare professionals across a number of practice areas including general practitioners, pediatricians, oncologists, neurologists, cardiologists, dermatologists, and OB/GYNs.

“TikTok and broader social media are increasingly becoming consumers’ go-to source of information as they think about health and wellness,” commented VP of Strategy, Keith Bendes. “We are making it easier for healthcare brands to work with the best healthcare professional influencers, who have been pre-vetted for their brand safe content and desire to work with brands in a paid partnership capacity.”

From vetting influencers for brand safety, to including proper ISI overlays and FTC disclosures, to ensuring influencers and creators are properly compensated, Linqia has become a bridge for health and wellness brands looking to capitalize on the growing influencer marketing industry.

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