Linqia Launches Contextual Search, Leveraging AI to Find Relevant Influencers for Brands

Linqia’s AI-powered tool analyzes all relevant topics related to a search, expanding the pool of relevant influencers for brands to activate for campaigns

Linqia, the leading influencer marketing platform, today announced the launch of Contextual Search, a new product feature that helps brands find untapped influencers to activate for marketing campaigns.

Traditional influencer marketing platforms use keyword search, which narrows the results by only identifying influencers who have used those exact search terms in their content. This method can miss a wide set of influencers whose content and audiences align with brands and would be a perfect fit for a campaign.

Contextual Search solves this problem by using artificial intelligence (AI) to understand the wider context of search terms and posts. This expands the relevant search topics and the number of influencers returned with Linqia’s proprietary relevancy score. For example, suppose a brand wants to work with influencers who talk about healthy eating. Contextual Search will identify all related topics and narratives (e.g., meal prepping, nourishing meals, etc), and generate a list of influencers who create high-performing content related to those exact themes.

“Contextual Search is a great example of how AI is elevating the influencer industry,” said Nader Alizadeh, CEO of Linqia. “We are helping brands find relevant influencers who are showing a strong affinity without the need for specific hashtags or search terms. This widens the influencer pool and extends the reach for brands.”

Due to the availability of data and the development of more powerful open-source AI algorithms like ChatGPT, AI is increasingly accessible to the Influencer Marketing industry. As a result, AI is automating a variety of tasks for the influencer marketing process – from influencer discovery to campaign measurement – streamlining and strengthening the inputs.

This is not Linqia’s first AI announcement. The company recently launched Ideate, a tool that uses AI to analyze top-performing social media posts to inform creative and influencer strategies for future campaigns. Now, with the launch of Contextual Search, Linqia is further expanding its AI arsenal to improve the effectiveness of influencer marketing.

“Contextual Search is a powerful tool that will help brands find influencers that align with campaign themes and tap into new audiences,” added Alizadeh. “We are excited to offer this feature and help our clients drive measurable, data-driven results.”

The announcement of Contextual Search comes on the heels of Linqia’s recent Fill the Feed function rollout, which leverages creator-generated content to fill brands’ social feeds and e-commerce listings.

About Linqia

Linqia is the calm in the chaotic sea of influencer marketing. It is a full-service, tech-enabled platform that handles campaigns for the world’s leading brands from influencer selection to creative strategy to scale. While some influencer companies offer only technology and others operate as creative agencies, Linqia leverages both science and storytelling to help brands create emotive, human-first campaigns with inspiring content optimized by metrics-driven confidence.