Linqia Becomes an Official TikTok Marketing Partner

Linqia now offers brand marketers direct access to the TikTok Creator Marketplace, providing first-party data and robust analytics

SAN FRANCISCO (October 18, 2022)—Linqia, the calm in the chaotic sea of influencer marketing, today announced that the company has been named an Official TikTok Marketing Partner. The partnership lets Linqia directly integrate with the TikTok Creator Marketplace so that brands can more easily identify and engage with the most relevant influencers, track campaign performance, and integrate an effective TikTok strategy into the brand’s overall influencer marketing initiatives. 

“Creators are core to the TikTok experience and we’re excited to partner with companies like      Linqia to help make the connection between creators and brands a seamless and valuable partnership, said Jyri Kidwell, Head of Creative Partnerships at TikTok.” Linqia has the experience to help foster branded content in collaboration with creators to drive real results and we look forward to building on our partnership.”

Linqia has worked with more than 650 brand customers and activated thousands of campaigns since its inception 10+ years ago.

“Linqia’s partnership with TikTok is a crucial step in supporting brands engaging with creators on the entertainment platform,” said Linqia co-founder and CEO Nader Alizadeh. “Through our partnership, Linqia is able to leverage deep creator insights directly from TikTok in our proprietary Linqia Resonate™ platform to help brands and agencies meet their influencer objectives.” 

Linqia’s success with brands extends to engaging users on TikTok. Linqia recently helped advertise Bayer’s One A Day® vitamins, establishing an ad recall of +5.2%, with a VTR (View Through Rate) of 41.5% that exceeded TikTok’s benchmark of 32.2% by 29%. In addition, ad spend on TikTok has increased 98% YOY with Linqia’s customers.

“Linqia has this fire in the belly attitude that creates work that is best in class and exciting for consumers,” stated Denise Vitola, VP Brand Integration PR, Social and Influencer at Bayer. “We want to meet the consumer where they’re at, with ideas that are unexpected on TikTok because it’s current, surprising, and interesting.” 

With Tiktok’s meteoric growth to +1B monthly active users last fall and 9 in 10 users accessing the platform multiple times each day, advertisers can reach a dedicated always-on audience that is finding new ways to leverage the platform.


“This partnership with TikTok helps Linqia provide brands deeper resonance within key social communities, enabling a broader availability of messaging capabilities to compelling gatekeepers, underserved audiences, and hard-to-reach target markets,” said Drew Weicker, VP of Business Development at Linqia.

About Linqia 

Linqia is the calm in the chaotic sea of influencer marketing. It is a full-service, tech-enabled platform that handles campaigns for the world’s leading brands from influencer selection to creative strategy to scale. While some influencer companies offer only technology and others operate as creative agencies, Linqia leverages both science and storytelling to help brands create emotive, human-first campaigns with inspiring content optimized by metrics-driven confidence. For more information, visit