Linqia Announces Ideate, a New GenAI Tool for Influencer Marketing

The new Generative AI tool analyzes attributes of top-performing social media posts to optimize creator and influencer campaign performance

Linqia, the calm in the chaos of influencer marketing, today announced the launch of Ideate, a cutting-edge GenAI tool that identifies and analyzes relevant, top-performing posts on social media to inform influencer campaign strategies.

Leveraging the power of AI and building on Linqia’s existing proprietary platform, Ideate enables Linqia to analyze the creative performance of social media posts to inform their clients’ influencer marketing content. Ideate will identify a list of content narratives and creative components extracted from the top-performing posts. The tool also produces a list of influencers who are developing the best-performing content within the identified parameters.

“Creative strategies and influencer campaigns need to be data-informed,” commented VP of Strategy at Linqia, Keith Bendes. “Ideate is our solution, which looks for existing patterns and signals used in high-performing content and creators to determine the optimal keywords for post descriptions, content to include in video and images, and influencers to partner with.”

While creative performance is traditionally developed based on opinions from creative directors and A/B testing in a controlled environment, Ideate draws insights from a much larger sample size of data to identify which factors are most likely to drive successful results.

With Ideate, Linqia is just scratching the surface of incorporating GenAI into influencer marketing.

“There are various applications of how AI will improve influencer marketing campaigns, including more informed talent selection and creative strategies, optimization of influencer content to paid media ads, and automation of time-consuming tasks within the influencer activation journey,” commented Linqia’s COO, Daniel Schotland. “With AI’s ability to recognize patterns across content while considering a client’s market, product, message, and audience, we can deliver campaigns uniquely optimized for performance for each partner.”

As brands increasingly focus on driving performance with their marketing dollars in this economic environment, ensuring influencer strategies are data informed by using existing high-performing content as a predictor of success is a welcomed approach for marketers.

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About Linqia

Linqia is the calm in the chaotic sea of influencer marketing. They are a full-service, tech-enabled platform that handles campaigns for the world’s leading brands from influencer selection to creative strategy to scale. While some influencer companies offer only technology and others operate as creative agencies, Linqia leverages both science and storytelling to help brands create emotive, human-first campaigns with inspiring content optimized by metrics-driven confidence.