The Challenge

Nestlé® Pure Life® Purified Water wanted to build awareness around its brand by touching the nation with pure wisdom stories from everyday mothers, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers. The brand wanted to connect with individuals who would share their personal stories about how these pieces of wisdom helped guide them and their families over the years.

“The stories shared had beautiful photos and were fun, interesting and engaging. We are excited to share this on our own social channels.”

Nestle Brand Manager

The Solution

Nestle partnered with Linqia to connect with influencers with active, thriving interest communities across all social channels – blogs, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, and more. These influencers shared their #momswisdom stories with their audiences through through authentic and heartwarming ‘Mom knows best’ experiences and encouraged their audiences to visit the Nestlé® Pure Life® Facebook page to share their own stories of wisdom.

By the end of the program, Linqia influencers reached nearly 7.8 million people, generated over 7,500 social stories, and encouraged over 50,000 people to share how their mothers and mother figures inspired them, helped them be confident, and taught them about the importance of staying healthy and hydrated.

The Results

  • Linqia influencers reached nearly 7.8M people with original content about Nestlé® Pure Life® Purified Water.
  • 50,179 people visited the Nestlé® Pure Life® Facebook page to share their stories of wisdom.
  • Nestlé® Pure Life® Purified Water received over 7,500 social endorsements as a result of the program.