The Linqia Lounge

A space created and curated just for you to find solace during a time that feels ever-changing. Explore one of our on-demand influencer experiences, cruise through our cookbook content, and discover all new ways to reinvigorate your mind.

The Morning Energizer with Joanna Rohlf

It’s time to pump up the jams and get your body moving. Influencer and NASM certified personal trainer, Joanna Rohlf will lead you in this 45 minute, full body interval workout which is guaranteed to get your heart rate elevated, body sweating, and endorphins running.

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Linq-o de Mayo Mixology with Josue Romero

In this class, mixologist and cocktail craftsman Josue Romero will give you the inside scoop on all things tequila, and provide a play-by-play* on how to make fun, delicious cocktails (and mocktails) that keep the good times rollin’ on Cinco de Mayo and beyond!

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Cooking Class with Hola Jalapeno

Looking for a delicious meals to cook with your family or to spoil yourself? Linqia influencer Hola Jalapeno creates the most incredible Mexican meals with a modern twist. Enjoy this on-demand class now!

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Getting Insta-curated with Jenna Martin

Your Instagram feed is about to get elevated. Influencer and content creator extraordinaire, Jenna Martin will share her best kept secrets on the right equipment* (professional camera and iPhone), the right settings + lighting, the best photo editing apps and more to take your content from double-tap “liked” to full-blown insta-fame.

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Chill Flow Yoga with Karina Blackwood

Join professional yoga instructor and studio owner, Karina Blackwood as she leads you through a relaxing yoga flow* that includes her patented stretching methodology created to empower and improve your body’s strength and flexibility. 

Once complete, you will feel restored and ready to tackle your day.

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Influencer Inspirations

With more time spent at home, we encourage you to be the star of your kitchen and take a delectable dive into our influencer cookbook series to reignite the flavors in your home!

Cookbook: The Opener

No time for all that chopping and sauteing?

Check out The Opener cookbook which is full of snacks, appetizers and salads that are just as showstopping as entrees, but score you more time on the clock to get back to the daily grind.

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Cookbook: The Main Event

We all love a main event, and food is definitely not the exception!

If you’re looking for heartier recipes that will carry you through breakfast, lunch, and dinner, then The Main Event cookbook is the one for you!

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Cookbook: The Encore

Sometimes you just can’t get enough of a good thing— but don’t worry, we won’t leave you hanging.

If your tastebuds have you craving just a little bit more, check out The Encore cookbook which includes delicious desserts and drink recipes that are well worth a standing ovation.

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