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This Week's Answers

What cranberry juice brand helped Fleetwood Mac lover and TikToker, Nathan Apodaca go viral this fall?

  • Ocean Spray

In Linqia’s State of Influencer Marketing 2020 report, __% of marketers planned to increase their influencer marketing budgets.

  • 60%

On what day of the week did influencers and followers share a black square to raise awareness for Black Lives Matter?

  • Tuesday

We've Changed A Lot in 2020

Much like many of the changes we've experienced in 2020, Linqia also iterated and innovated to become the leader in influencer marketing strategy and execution.


Linqia Strategy

In our new three-phased approach, we partner with you to first provide a holistic assessment of your marketing, social media and influencer marketing efforts. Next, we design a unique Influencer Blueprint and custom creative strategy to reach your goals. Finally, we provide you with insights that can be used to inform future campaigns.

Celebrity, Mega, Macro, and Micro Influencers

We now work with influencers in all tiers! From micro to celebrity, our team of experts will partner with you to determine the right size influencer to leverage based on your brand goals—and then we'll go out and find them for you!

Instagram, Reels, Stories, TikTok, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube

Linqia knows all the social media platforms and when to activate each channel to reach your goals. Our creative strategy team will develop a custom approach on every platform you want to be on with the best influencers to amplify your message on that platform.


Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

We support and encourage diversity on campaigns. We now have a commitment to include at least 20% diversity on all influencer lists, including at least 10% Black influencers.

The Influencer Council

With Linqia’s unique Influencer Council, we can conduct focus groups with influencers to learn the right content and message that will resonate with your audience before a campaign begins. This level of intelligence can help design more effective campaigns.

LinqiaLift: Optimized Creative

Linqia was first to market with this technology that analyzes the organic content created by influencers to learn which assets to run at scale in paid channels. With LinqiaLift, we pair the right creative with each target audience segment to run in paid social or programmatic display. Recently, Linqia enhanced the process with a Narrative Matrix to track effectiveness.

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