Jamie Gernert, owner and editor of the Lifestyle blog Work Your Closet, began blogging in 2006 after her co-workers at an ad agency encouraged her to share her sense of style with the world. During a small career hiatus to focus on web development skills, Gernert saw her blog’s earning potential and decided to pursue her role as an influencer more seriously.

“I’ve tried my fair share of influencer networks and platforms, and Linqia is what works for me. Linqia programs help you be creative but also stay authentic to yourself.”


In 2014, Linqia reached out to Gernert to join the platform and she began her first program right away. She loves that Linqia connects her to brands that she is truly passionate about so she can be completely authentic in all of her sponsorships. Gernert’s enthusiasm shows in the 250+ blog stories, recipes, photographs, and social posts she has created for over 17 Linqia programs. Since becoming a Linqia influencer, Gernert has generated 6,700+ impressions for her brand sponsors.

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