Lorraine Ladish was a published author and a journalist for decades, but after a divorce and loss of income in the late 2000’s, she realized she needed to find a new outlet to generate money and flex her writing skills. Ladish discovered the power of social media to drive awareness and build communities and this inspired her to found her website, Viva Fifty!

Today this bilingual English/Spanish lifestyle blog is a thriving community of women (and some men!) over 50-years-old looking to live life to the fullest. Posting on topics from exercise tips to travel ideas, Ladish was always looking for opportunities to create fresh content and connect with sponsors.

One day she received an email from Linqia asking her to join an upcoming program, and it seemed like a good fit for her demographic. She joined, accepted the campaign and enjoyed the experience.

“As an online media business, cash flow can be an issue, so I really like Linqia’s fast program payment.”

How Linqia Helped

Since becoming a Linqia influencer, Ladish is only offered programs that are a good fit for her followers, meaning services or products she would promote without being paid for it. Ladish completed over eight Linqia programs since joining the plaform, driving over 19,300 followers to brand destinations and creating 800+ pieces of content in the form of blog stories, photographs, and social posts.

As someone with an entrepreneurial spirit, Ladish likes Linqia’s results-based compensation. Because Ladish loves setting goals and surpassing them, trying to improve her performance level with each campaign is a fun challenge. Linqia programs pay within 10 business days, making Linqia’s short term activations a perfect complement her year-long ambassadorships.

Finally, Ladish likes the reliability of Linqia’s program team. Her questions are answered in a timely manner, even though she’s in a different time zone than the Influencer Success team.

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