Journey to Becoming an Influencer

Valerie Carmona, owner and creator of Val Around Town, is a working mom, stylish fashionista, DIY maven, and proud Latina that strives to be a platform for her community by encouraging leadership and being a voice of the people. She began her blogging journey in February 2015 while working for an IT consulting company. Many of the developers had blogs as passion projects and they encouraged her to start one. Since Val was always the person her family and friends went to for fashion advice, beauty tips, and entertaining ideas, it felt like a natural and fun way for Val to express herself.

After Val had her first child, she wanted to show women on-the-go of all ages and sizes that no matter what journey or stage they are at in life, they can still work, make time for themselves, and entertain guests while looking gorgeous doing it. Her mix of cultures, corporate experience, dislike for cooking, mom life, and creative spirit can speak to many women at any stage in life. She loves that Val Around Town gives her the opportunity to inspire and encourage other women. She also enjoys meeting supportive people along the way, many of whom are still a big part of her life today.

“I love that Linqia gives me the opportunity to create stories while also providing me with the autonomy to share in a way that’s authentic.”

How Has Linqia Helped

Val learned about Linqia after seeing on a blogger Facebook group that suggested it as an influencer platform to join. She has since completed 10 programs, creating over 125 pieces of content for some of her favorite brands.

Linqia was the first network to offer Val a campaign after blogging for only 10 months. She loves working with Linqia because it gives her the opportunity to create stories and provides her with the autonomy to share content in a way that’s authentic. She advises hopeful influencers to make sure they understand what is expected when creating content, have a plan to execute, and to stay in contact with their program managers.

“In the world of a million influencers, make sure you are different in some way!”

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