Journey to Becoming an Influencer

Tyler McElhaney is the owner and creator of Tynology, a website dedicated to technology, photography, gaming, film, cars and culture, from the eyes of a husband and father. Throughout his youth, Tyler was always drawn to technology, electronics, and gadgets (he built his first computer when I was 12!). As a computer science major in college, a friend of his coined the moniker “Tynology” because he always had to have the newest gadget and was the go-to source for friends dealing with any technical problems. 

Tyler started casually blogging in November 2015 after seeing his wife monetize her site, The February Fox, with help from Linqia programs. Because of his background as a corporate employee, professional musician, and small business owner, Tyler brings a unique perspective to the influencer and blogging world. His personal connection to the brands he works with enables him to share an authentic story with a unique personality, inspiring his audience to engage further with the sponsored brand. 

“Our time working with Linqia has literally changed our lives. I personally love Linqia’s performance-based compensation. My articles perform better, and it makes me be more creative in my social shares to see how different techniques perform.”

How Has Linqia Helped

Linqia’s sponsorship opportunities have given Tyler control over his personal brand, allowing him to select which companies he wants to work with and to craft content that he is passionate about. More importantly, it provides him the freedom of a flexible schedule so he can work when needed and also be at home to help raise his son. At one point, both Tyler and his wife were contemplating a career change, and having additional income from Tynology and The February Fox made their decision much less stressful when they decided to pull the trigger.

Since joining Linqia, Tyler has participated in over 27 programs, and his content has inspired 16,000+ audience visits to sponsoring brands’ landing pages to learn more about their products or services. Tyler loves Linqia’s performance-based compensation because his articles perform better, and it makes him be more creative in his social shares to see how different techniques perform. Tyler appreciates that there are no surprises when it comes to Linqia programs and has had a great relationship with Linqia’s staff who he says are “incredibly attentive, communicative, and a pleasure to work with.” He encourages budding influencers to find their voice, have a perspective, constantly write, and photograph often. 

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