Kevin O’Gara is the owner and editor of Thou Swell, a home and garden blog devoted to decor, food and entertaining, and a little of his hometown, Atlanta, GA. After years of avidly pinning interiors, Kevin created his own online destination for interior design enthusiasts while still in high school.

Named after Natalie Cole’s famous jazz standard, Thou Swell quickly gained an audience of thousands. Soon, O’Gara was interested in working with national brands, but wanted to maintain a strong editorial story behind each sponsored post so as not to compromise content quality.He wanted his blog to read seamlessly between sponsored and non-sponsored posts, so if any campaign felt forced, he didn’t want to be obligated to participate.

“I would advise anyone to join Linqia, there are no downsides, only great benefits of being able to apply for exciting programs.”

O’Gara discovered Linqia through a sponsored post on another blog, and after seeing the authenticity of the content, he was eager to sign up.

How Linqia Helped

Linqia programs give O’Gara the opportunity to work with great brands that interest not only him but also his audience. He has participated in over 11 programs, creating 140+ pieces of original content for names like Motorola, Monrovia, and Black + Decker.

O’Gara likes the supportive aspect of Linqia programs, especially the program newsfeed found in the Linqia platform, where participants can ask each other questions and give engagement tips. Linqia employees aid this support, quickly answering any questions or concerns he has about a program.

He also appreciates the analytics that Linqia provides in his personal program dashboard, where he can track his earnings for each program and look back on older performance.

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