Journey to Becoming an Influencer

Anna Fox, the creator of The Styled Fox, began blogging in the summer of 2014. She recently left her job in Retail Management and was getting ready to move to from North Carolina to Texas that following September with her boyfriend. “I wanted a creative outlet while I was in the middle of a HUGE transitional period of my life! I always loved putting together outfits and styling my friends, so The Styled Fox (which started out as Live More Beautifully) was my way of documenting what I was wearing and what I was doing during those few in between months.  Fast forward a few years and I’m still having the time of my life!” says Anna.

Anna’s blog was initially launched as Live More Beautifully, a name that reflected her desire to live more, love more, and be more as an individual. When Anna made the decision to pursue her blog full time, she rebranded to ‘The Styled Fox’ to sound more professional and fashion forward. While the name changed dramatically, The Styled Fox still embodies who Anna is as an individual by including her last name. She started as just a fashion and beauty blog but recently began incorporating travel and home decor topics into her content. As Anna grows as a person, she makes sure her blog content continues to grow, too.   

Anna is constantly amazed at the fact that social media allows her the opportunity to virtually meet people she wouldn’t have the opportunity to, ahd her favorite part about being an influencer is connecting with people all around the world. She also enjoys the creative freedom that blogging allows her. “My personal style isn’t one dimensional and is constantly changing and evolving with me,” Anna says. “Sometimes I’m fun and flirty, other times I can be edgy and pushing boundaries. So you get a little bit of everything, while staying affordable.”

“I love that Linqia isn’t just fashion and beauty focused. It gives me the chance to create more lifestyle content, which allows my audience to see a different side of me – one that is a little less glitz and glam and a little more real life!”

How Has Linqia Helped

Anna first learned about Linqia through a blogger connection. When she first created her brand, they helped steer her in the direction of which networks to apply to and why. She enjoys working with Linqia because she gets the opportunity to participate in campaigns sponsored by a variety of brands. She especially loves that Linqia isn’t just fashion and beauty focused, giving her the chance to create more lifestyle content. This helps her audience see a different side of her – one that is a little less glitz and glam and a little more real life!  

Anna’s advice to fellow influencers is to always keep their content relatable and authentic. “Your readers want a relationship with you, and you build that on trust. Only accept campaigns you TRULY believe in, be honest with your reviews and opinions, and don’t be afraid to say no to opportunities that aren’t a perfect fit!”

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