Influencer Spotlight: Josue Romero

About Me & Blog Content

My name is Josue Romero, people call me The Garnish Guy. Born in Venezuela, raised in Miami, transplanted to Los Angeles. I am a bartender at heart, I create cocktails pretty much every day, and that’s what I showcase on my social media accounts. Mostly my inspirations behind the recipes, or a new approach to a classic cocktails. I also enjoy visiting distilleries, and learning processes which then I show in a simplified way, history of spirits, funky glassware, obscure liqueurs, and some fun facts about the hospitality industry.

What are you most passionate about outside of being a content creator?

I am passionate about cocktails, so I spent a lot of my time traveling to different bars to experience what other bartenders are creating. Each bartender has a different approach to cocktails, just like a chef, or a painter to his/her craft. I get to see them create magic, and then taste it, and if I am lucky, I get to hear what inspired them to create such libation. I also love food, and cooking, so I go farmer’s markets all the time. I would see a fruit I like, and I think to myself, what cocktail can I create with that???? I invite friends over all the time, and I always have pre batched cocktails in my fridge, if it is the weekend, a punch bowl. I create content, but it is more of a documentation of my life as a bartender. The life I share behind the bar, or behind my kitchen. In front of my bar guests, or my friends/family at home.

What sets you apart from other creators in the space?

As I mentioned before, each bartender has a different approach to creating cocktails. Each one an artist in their own way. People that follow me can recognize my cocktails due to my styling, my photography composition, and of course the mood is a reflection of my own physical style. Dark, moody, yet vibrant with a mysterious air. I dress myself, just as I dress my drinks. I see them as an extension of me. Just as I change wardrobe based on the season, my recipes and glassware do as well. Flavor profiles shift based on the mood. Garnishes elevate based on the occasion. That’s what sets me apart, the care.

Favorite partnership(s) you’ve ever had?

Apothic Wine, our partnership has been ongoing for almost two years now. Their style is close to mine, and they push me to create new and better things all the time. They send me items to inspire my creations, and glassware to enhance the experience. I am so happy to be working with them.

What platforms do you see being the most influential within the influencer marketing space in the next 2 – 3 years?

Everything has been turning more into videos, so definitely TikTok, and YouTube.

What do you see as the future of influencer marketing in the next 2-3 years?

More brand ambassadorship level, knowledge, organic lifestyle, and definitely more exclusivity. I see the influencers in fashion shows as models, or teaching cooking classes, or reading books in classes.

How has your culture influenced your work as an influencer? Which aspects of your heritage have had the most profound impact on you?

Deeply, I use a lot of the fruits, juices, herbs and spices that I grew up with back home. At the time, they were included in mostly food, but through practice, they made their way into my cocktails. I use a lot of Venezuelan rums to create drinks with, and going a little more abroad, I incorporate my South American flair into the recipes. In addition, I blend spirits from neighboring countries to represent unity, at some point in History, they were all one big country (The Gran Colombia). Also, dishes and desserts my grandma used to make me, I translated them into liquid form, thus keeping part of her in me.