Journey to Becoming an Influencer

What started as a blog on Facebook in 2015, eventually grew into its own website for Eileen Lamb of The Autism Cafe. At first it was just a way for her to share information and updates with friends and family in France after her oldest son, Charlie, was diagnosed with autism. She didn’t expect strangers to read her posts and appreciate what she was writing about, but they did and they wanted more, which motivated her to keep blogging.

When naming the blog, Eileen wanted to connote something about Charlie and his autism, and also her French background. Going to the café in France was always one of her favorite things to do, so she ended up combining those two important pieces of her life into the name “The Autism Cafe”. Her goal for the blog is to raise awareness and share her thoughts on subjects she’s knowledgeable and passionate about, including special-needs issues, parenting tips, and healthy-living articles.

The most unique thing about The Autism Cafe is its vulnerability. Eileen is not afraid to open up on her blog. It was difficult to do at first but people really respond to her honesty and vulnerability. Another trademark of her blog is the recognizable photographic style. She loves taking pictures at golden hour, just before sunset. She is on a mission to spread autism awareness, teach people acceptance, and assist parents with resources after an autism diagnosis.

“I love that Linqia gives micro-influencers a chance to shine. I also appreciate the flexibility of Linqia’s programs because it allows me to stay at home with my kids while doing what I enjoy the most: taking photos and writing.”

How Has Linqia Helped

Eileen first heard about Linqia from a friend, who was already working with the platform. What she most enjoys about Linqia is the flexibility it offers. With Linqia, she can stay at home with her kids while doing what she enjoys the most: taking photos and writing. She also loves that she can provide people with advice that will make their lives easier. It especially warms her heart to read messages from people thanking her for her words, sharing that they’ve been up all night reading her blog.

Eileen’s advice to those who want to become a Linqia influencer is to just do it! She loves that Linqia gives micro-influencers a chance to shine. She says it’s not about the number of followers you have, but about creating beautiful content and being real, creative, and persistent.

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