Influencer Spotlight: Sincerely Onyi


About Me & Blog Content

I’m Onyi of Sincerely Onyi. A motherhood and lifestyle blogger!

What are you most passionate about outside of being a content creator?

I am very passionate about healthcare and mental health so I truly enjoy my work as a Psychiatric Physician Assistant.

What sets you apart from other creators in the space?

What sets me apart from my colleagues is my playful take on life while dealing with heavy topics such as mental health, healthcare and honest motherhood. I’ve created my own brand as a well educated, down to earth Black millennial mom. There are so many of us and our voices need to be heard.

Favorite partnership(s) you’ve ever had?

Some of my favorite partnerships have been home improvement partnerships with brands like Lowe’s.

What platform do you see being the most influential within the influencer marketing space in the next 2-3 years?

I strongly believe TikTok will come out as a front runner while Instagram will remain a strong force in the influencer space. Both connect with their audience in different ways but they all break down to the connection we are able to give our audience.

What do you see as the future of influencer marketing in the next 2-3 years?

I see it remaining a solid force in marketing strategy due to a majority of consumers becoming more hesitant to make purchases without recommendation from a trusted source. Influencers speak directly to their audience demographic. I also see it as an expanded resource for brands to purchase marketing content.