Journey to Becoming an Influencer

Monica Pruett is the owner and creator of, a website dedicated to “encouraging moms, preschool tools, and family fun.” Monica started her influencer journey when she resigned from the corporate world to care for her preemie infant son born at 30 weeks. The need to be with her son through seasons of physical and occupational therapy, as well as visits to pediatric specialists, necessitated that Monica find a career where she could work from home.

Monica’s passion for creating fun activities for children and tasty recipes for her family has fueled’s growth to over 20,000 subscribers and 50,000 fans. Readers are grandparents, parents, and teachers looking for fun learning activities for kids or easy recipes they can make at home. Monica also offers readers parenting and party tips, home decorating ideas, and advice on home care.

“What I value the most about Linqia is the professionalism. Goals, campaign objectives, and messaging are clearly defined. I always see better engagement from my audience when the call to action is clear and concise. My readers love to share solutions that help them in their busy lives as parents with young children.”

How Has Linqia Helped

Linqia’s sponsorship opportunities have helped Monica earn an income for her family that filled the gap where medical insurance coverage was absent. Being a Linqia influencer afforded her the ability to be a stay-at-home mom for her two young boys, especially important in the early years when her preemie son truly needed her.

Since joining Linqia, Monica has participated in over 16 campaigns, and her content has inspired 10,000+ audience visits to sponsoring brands’ landing pages to learn more about their products or services. Monica loves that Linqia’s performance-based programs allow her to grow her earnings over time by optimizing her content creation and social media sharing strategies. The Linqia platform also connects Monica with her favorite major brands like NESTLÉ® TOLL HOUSE, HERDEZ®, and Post Cereals. Monica appreciates the support she receives from Linqia Influencer Success Managers who always provide timely responses whenever needed. She’s happy to be a part of a network of influencers and brands that bring exciting offers and helpful solutions to her audience at

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