Journey to Becoming an Influencer

Jessica Randhawa, owner and creator of Coffee and Crayons, is a successful influencer with an emphasis in Pinterest. Jessica has been blogging since she and her husband bought one-way tickets to Southeast Asia as blogging provided her an outlet to share adventures and keep in touch with family during their travels. Jessica started Coffee and Crayons, which is dedicated to content focused on motherhood, original recipes, food photography, and nature, when her son was 8-months-old. The name is inspired by the copious amounts of coffee she consumed during the time the site launched.

Jessica doesn’t set strict boundaries on what she can or cannot post on Coffee and Crayons (if she likes it, she’ll post!), but she does try to think about her content from an audience perspective. Is it something they would be interested in or can learn from? While Coffee and Crayons features a lot of amazing recipes and beautiful food photography, it’s not just a food blog. Jessica loves to share her journey of motherhood with each meal through real and honest stories – the good, the bad, the ugly.

“Linqia’s amazing platform allows me to see my progress in real-time so I’m always pushing myself to share more and reach more viewers. In addition, the campaign turn-around time is always very fast – I can get right to work rather than waiting 1-2 months before I can publish my post.”

How Has Linqia Helped

In October of 2016, Jessica was referred to Linqia by a fellow blogger. She loves everything about being an influencer because it gives her the opportunity to do something she loves each and every day. More importantly, blogging allows her to leave behind a collection of recipes and stories for her son to keep forever. It also enables her to stay at home to raise her son while providing the flexibility to work when she wants to earn additional income for her family.  

Since joining Linqia, Jessica has participated in 8 programs and her content has inspired 8,000+ audience visits to sponsoring brands’ landing pages to learn more about their products and services. Jessica feels very in the loop as a Linqia influencer as the platform gives her insight into her program performance in real time. She also appreciates the quick turnaround time for programs – she can get right to work and publish her post in days rather than waiting 1-2 months, which also means a faster payout. Her advice to budding influencers is to create awesome content and share, share, share!

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