Journey to Becoming an Influencer

Eryka Spera, creator of the blog Busy Little Izzy, is a pro at creating meaningful connections with her audience and her fellow bloggers, who all enjoy following her life with her adorable daughter Izzy. Eryka started the blog around Izzy’s first birthday after a couple blogger friends suggested she start sharing her favorite products for new moms and the variety of Izzy’s fashions. Many of her friends had already asked for educational advice so creating a blog seemed like the logical next step where her friends could easily access her best tips and Izzy updates.

If not for Izzy, Eryka probably would’ve never become a blogger. Izzy inspired her to take photos and led to her discovery of her passion for photography. When thinking of a name for her blog, she considered names like “Simply Spera,” but since Izzy is such a large part of her life, as well as the reason Eryka started blogging, she decided to name the blog after her daughter. Eryka loves helping her audience find the best products on the market and learn how to speak to or teach their children in positive ways. The part of being an influencer that she loves most is  that it forces her to take high quality photos of Izzy almost daily.

“I love that Linqia pairs me with brands and campaigns that fall within my niche because it allows me to keep my content relevant to my audience.”

How Has Linqia Helped

Eryka joined Linqia in 2016 after other influencers urged her to join. Her favorite part about Linqia is that she is sent campaigns that fall within her niche, which allows her to accept programs that are most relevant to her and her audience. She loves that the new platform has the ability to give a reason why a program is not a fit if she needs to decline. She believes that this is a great way to ensure that Linqia is always offering her more relevant programs.

Eryka’s advice for those interested in becoming a Linqia influencer is to work on their creativity within their content. She encourages potential influencers to think outside the box when including a product and to continue to working on their photography skills.