Jennifer Rand started her blog fashion blog, Belle de Couture, in May 2010, to keep a style diary of her daily outfits and beauty finds, as well as share her passion for vintage and thrift clothing. Rand was interested in finding sponsorship opportunities for her blog, but wanted to stay authentic to her personal brand and only take on programs that interested her readers. Rand was concerned about receiving fair compensation for the effort she put into her posts, as she invested considerable time into styling, shooting, writing, and editing her blog stories, photographs, and social posts. She was contacted by a Linqia Community Manager in 2013, and after learning that all the programs were opt-in rather than mandatory, she joined and started her first program within a week.

“I love that Linqia gives me the opportunity to collaborate with big brands, but in a way that is most fitting to my personal brand. This is why Linqia programs feel the most authentic to my readers.”


Since joining Linqia, Rand collaborates with unique brands that let her step outside of the box, in terms of organic and creative content. Though her blog is primarily fashion, she’s promoted sparkling water, tissues, and even mattresses across her 22+ Linqia programs, in addition to fashion, beauty, and jewelry. Because she can write posts in her own tone and style, more than 2,200 of her readers responded to her 275+ pieces of program content by visiting the program landing pages. She loves that programs are emailed directly to her inbox, rather than worrying about checking a program marketplace for new opportunities. Rand appreciates the attentiveness of the Linqia Community Management and Customer Success teams, especially the clarity and conciseness of their emails. Most importantly, she enjoys the Linqia Community of positive and supportive influencers who give constructive feedback and encouragement.