Resonate: The Discovery & Insights Platform

Collaborate Together

Resonate is the premier managed platform for discovering the right social media influencers and receiving actionable insights. We will partner with you to create, design and measure each influencer campaign using Resonate to collaborate together. 

  • Take the guesswork out of approving the best influencers. Review a robust Influencer Profile that includes the influencer’s posts that matches the campaign needs, as well as demographic data on the influencer and their audience.
  • Use Resonate to track performance while your campaign is running and see all the content created in one place.
  • Gain in-depth insights once the campaign comes to a close to apply to future digital marketing activities.
Resonate Influencer Marketing Platform

Influencer Discovery

With an inventory of more than half a million influencers, Resonate helps you find the content creators you want to work with – instantly. Use keywords and filter to uncover the best influencers for your unique campaign.

  • Analyze robust Influencer Profiles showing matching posts on social media, demographic details on the influencer, as well as audience demographics on their followers.
  • Receive one dynamic list of the influencers for consideration to make an informed decision of who to work with. To create the list, Linqia will comprehensively search for the right influencers for your unique campaign’s needs. 
  • Save influencers to lists for a particular campaign or for future initiatives.
Influencer Discovery

Actionable Insights & Real-Time Reporting

Resonate provides real-time analytics while your campaign is running as well as insights that inform. After each campaign ends, receive actionable insights that could inform future campaigns. Insights could highlight a new message or target audience to focus on, what types of content perform the best, or which social channels perform the best.

  • Get real-time data broken out by day, channel, and goal.
  • Compare how your campaign is performing against benchmarks for your industry.
  • Obtain three key insights that highlight the success of each campaign.