Influencer Marketing Platform

Linqia offers the industry's leading influencer marketing platform, using AI to predict and guarantee the results of our influencer marketing programs.

AI-Driven Discovery Engine

  • Our discovery engine continually crawls the internet, analyzing hundreds of data points across millions of potential influencers to identify the best performers.
  • Over the past five years, we have identified 100,000 influencers who fit our model for success.
  • Linqia Performance Platform uses machine learning to identify influencer affinity for brands and patterns that can predict an influencer’s success.


  • PerformanceMatch uses proprietary algorithms to surface insights and drive repeatable, predictable results.
  • Our AI-driven algorithm continuously learns and improves, matching brands with the right mix of creators who will deliver meaningful outcomes.
  • We match brands with influencers based on demographic, geographic, interest graph and past-performance data, as well as predictive modeling and audience analysis.

Role-based Campaign Management

  • Flexible, role-based campaign management and reporting is available at the company, agency and brand level.
  • Review all of the images, blog posts, and social posts to identify the best performing content in real-time.
  • Our team of experts can optimize campaigns mid-flight based on those learnings to drive even greater results.

A Leader in Brand Safety

  • Our platform and team of experts help ensure that your brand appears consistently and correctly across all posts.
  • Linqia makes it easy to include FTC disclosure on all blog posts, and instantly flags social posts that aren’t compliant so they can quickly be addressed.
  • AI-driven sentiment analysis surfaces comments on influencer content so you know how your brand message is being received.

Influencer Content Lab & Repository

  • We provide one centralized place for you to manage all of your Linqia influencer-generated photos, videos, social posts and long-form blog posts.
  • Analyze what content is most effective at driving traffic and engagement and apply those learnings to future content strategies.
  • Repurpose top-performing content on paid social, organic social and native ads or use assets in emails, webpages, and storefronts.

Transparent, Real-time Analytics

  • Monitor impression, engagement and traffic performance to determine what is driving the greatest results for your brand.
  • In-depth reporting provides real-time insight into performance data, sentiment analysis, image quality and subject matter.
  • Additional reports include Program Analytics, Content Analytics, and Influencer Analytics.