Influencer Marketing, Elevated

Linqia offers expertise with industry leading technology to identify the right influencers, determine the right creative to develop and optimize, and deliver optimal results with closed loop measurement.

Influencer Discovery

  • Our discovery engine continually crawls the internet, analyzing hundreds of data points across millions of potential influencers to identify the best performers for your unique campaign needs
  • Our technology scans images and text to categorize influencers to easily find influencers that could match your campaign. By partnering with Linqia, our Influencer Success team adds a level of expertise to analyze and suggest influencers to reach your desired goals
  • Our AI-driven algorithm continuously learns and improves, matching brands with the right mix of creators who will deliver meaningful outcomes.

Influencer Content

  • We partner with you to design the narrative and creative archetypes to follow in your campaign to ensure the content developed is engaging, appealing and could be repurposed in other channels.
  • Repurpose top-performing content on paid social, organic social and native ads or use assets in emails, webpages, and storefronts.
  • We provide one centralized place for you to manage all of your Linqia influencer-generated photos, videos, social posts and long-form blog posts.

Optimize and Amplify

  • Our technology and team of experts take the organic images created by our influencers and analyzes and tests to paid the right creative with the right target audiences.
  • Go beyond organic on paid channels including paid social – Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube and more – as well as programmatic.
  • See better results, after running through LinqiaLift, the Linqia created ad units perform on average 2.7x better than brand created content.

Real-time Analytics + Closed Loop Measurement

  • Monitor impression, engagement and traffic performance to determine what is driving the greatest results for your brand.
  • In-depth reporting provides real-time insight into performance data, sentiment analysis, image quality and subject matter.
  • Linqia also offers the most comprehensive suite of measurement partners in the industry. Measure true business impact including brand awareness, purchase intent, store visits, and product sales.

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