Are you ready to unlock the power of creators in your marketing strategy? We offer three education sessions designed to equip you with everything you need to know about creator marketing based on your team’s level of expertise, from the core principles to advanced optimization techniques.

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101: Condensed Session – 45 Minutes

  • The core tenants of creator marketing strategies and how their differences impact everything from creator selection to creator briefing
    • Creators with influence vs. creators without influence
    • How strategy changes when the goal is to influence the end consumer vs. generating content for social vs. generating content for beyond the walls of social
  • Types/Styles of creator content
    • Production replacement
    • Product testimonial
    • Short form video trendy
  • The role of creator media
    • What is creator media and how it differs from using creator content in brand media
    • The role of allowlisting in leveraging creators audiences and content optimization
    • How to translate organic content to paid media ads based on social platform best practices
    • Multivariate testing to drive performance and content insights
  • Extending content beyond the walls of social
    • How to bring creator content to website, eCommerce, OLV/CTV, DOOH, display and more

201: Expanded Session – 90 minutes

  • Includes everything in condensed session +
    • How to uplevel your social content: Examples of tapping into trends, best in class brand/creator partnerships, platform tools that make content creation easier and more effective
    • Measurement frameworks: How to measure performance of influencer content across five primary pillars
      • Social engagement (like, views, comments, clicks, etc) 
      • Share of voice pre, during and post campaign compared to competitors
      • Performance of creator media vs. brand media in driving efficiencies
      • Impact on primary KPI (brand lift, sales lift, perception shift) using 3rd party studies
      • Neustar MMM performance

301: Workshop Session – 2-3 hours

  • Includes everything in expanded sessions +
    • Category social trends: Review top social trends across multiple verticals
    • Group activity: All participate in collective brainstorming around how your brand participates in those trending conversations