You’re Invited: Find your WNDR with Linqia!

At Linqia, we believe in the beauty of artistry, authenticity, and creativity. You’re invited to experience all of these and more in a night of true exploration that we know you’ll never forget.*

Don’t miss out on:

  • Free access to all WNDR Museum exhibits

  • Private party with delicious drinks and tasty bites

  • Exciting giveaways & more!

*This invitation is non-transferrable. Please be sure you received a personal invitation from Linqia before signing up for this event.

About WNDR Museum:

Imagination is born in wonder. With this as a guiding principle, wndr’s immersive art activations inspire and delight through all the senses. The wndr experience is one in which the thoughtful curation of world-class art,  work by provocative emerging artists, as well as guest-made artwork creates a dreamy journey that reveals the wonders of the world around you.

Home to Chicago’s first ever Infinity Mirror Room by iconic Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, wndr places works from Richard Prince, Barbara Kruger, and Alex Israel  in conversation with thought-provoking, innovative technologies and stunning interactive installations. Around every corner comes an opportunity to be creative, discover something unexpected, ask questions, and, most importantly, play.

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