Why Top Influencers Love Working With Linqia

Influencers love working with Linqia, for many reasons. Here’s why Linqia is the best influencer marketing platform for bloggers and influencers to work with.

Fast Cash

Our influencers’s favorite reason to partner with Linqia? We pay FAST.

All of our program participants are paid within 10 business days, but we always try to make it even sooner than that. We know how hard it can be as a blogger to stay on top of your compensation, so we try to keep it simple and pay our influencers as fast as possible. That way, they can spend less time tracking payments and more time creating amazing original content.

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Grow Your Earnings

Another aspect of Linqia campaigns that influencers love is that we help our influencers grow their program earnings. If a influencer exceeds their engagement goal on a particular campaign, we will increase their earning potential for their next program. For a more in-depth explanation of how influencers can grow their program earnings, visit our Help Center.

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The Best Brands

One of the biggest reasons influencers like working with Linqia is the wide variety of high-quality, globally recognized brands that we work with, like Nestle, General Mills, Whirlpool, Purina, Clarins, Motorola, eBay, and many more. Our influencers have put a huge effort into growing their audience and it’s important to uphold their reputations by being selective about the products that they work with.

Make New Friends

Finally, influencers enjoy working on Linqia campaigns due to the supportive nature of our platform structure. Every program is overseen by a Customer Success Manager who is available 24/7 to answer questions, troubleshoot any technical issues, and provide fresh strategies and ideas. In short, Linqia is invested in making our influencers as successful as possible.

Influencers can also network and meet other influencers through the Linqia platform, posting questions, comments and asking questions of other influencers in the community. Linqia is also good for business. Many of our influencers notice a boost in followers after running a Linqia campaign.

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You can read more of what our influencers think in our Influencer Spotlights section, and if you’re ready to get started, apply to become a Linqia influencer today.

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