Who’s That Linqian: Melanie Ingram, Senior Content & Measurement Specialist

Linqia is a vibrant environment of dedicated team members who work together to drive the company to be the leader in influencer marketing. Each month we bring to you one of our best and brightest. For our second Who’s That Linqian, we sat down with our Senior Content & Measurement Specialist in San Francisco, Melanie Ingram.


Melanie at Work

Q: What is your position and how long have you been at Linqia?

A: I’m a Senior Content & Measurement Specialist on the paid media team, and I’ve been with Linqia for two and a half years.

Q: Tell me about your role.

A: I manage the day-to-day of our paid media campaigns including qualifying influencer content, creating the ad units, optimizing campaigns, and sharing reporting with clients. I also run all of our 3rd party measurement studies in our Intelligence Suite such as brand lift and sales lift studies.

Q: Describe Linqia with one word.

A: Energy

Q: What does your average day look like?

A: I spend part of my days pacing and optimizing campaigns and measurement studies and the rest on client calls and meetings with internal stakeholders sharing results or consulting on our paid media capabilities.

Q: What’s your favorite part of your job?

A: The industry is so nascent—especially in how brands leverage influencers in paid media—so a lot of what I get to do day-to-day is strategize ways to grow this field and have real-time impact on both our business and the influencer marketing landscape.

Q: Why do you think influencer marketing is so important?

A: The next generation of consumers is more educated, attuned, and wary than ever before, which is why authenticity in advertising is so important. Through their unique storytelling and down-to-earth perspectives, influencers can reach relevant audiences in a way that brands just can’t any more. 

Q: What is Linqia’s culture like?

A: Smart people getting to be smart. There’s a level of mutual respect and camaraderie with one another that’s truly unique. 

Q: What’s your favorite part of your day at Linqia?

A: I love lunchtime! The office is completely open, so it’s my favorite time of day to catch up and hear from coworkers who I don’t get work with directly.

Q: What is your favorite core value and why? (Be human, Create Great Experiences, Act Like an Owner, Data Wins, Move Fast and Learn From it, Be a Problem Solver)

A: Act Like an Owner is my personal favorite. I thrive on autonomy and trust from management, and I experience this value every day at Linqia. We all have a hand in making the company thrive and every employee is treated and respected like an owner.

Q: Why did you choose to work at a startup?

A: I wanted to be able to make an impact that I could point to and move fast (my second favorite Linqia core value!) by embedding myself in a cultural that champions rapid growth.


Melanie’s Fun Facts

Q: What are you passionate about outside of work?

A: I’m passionate about sustainability, taking crafting and cooking classes, practicing yoga, and sewing my own clothes.

Q: Hidden talent?

A: Meal planning.

Q: What would you like to be famous for?

A: Being the frontwoman of an indie band.

Q: Ping pong or Foosball? And which employee would you like to challenge?

A: Neither! Though, I am reigning champion of the 2019 Bachelor Bracket. Melody and Laura were worthy adversaries. (Okay fine, Melody and I actually tied for first place…)


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